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Roy Rollins writes ...

Good to see that Chip Chapman finally amounted to something!! Just kidding Chip I am proud of you and your accomplishments. Since you were one of my best friends in '60 class I know that, in fact, you went not only a pain in the butt to your teachers, but your friends as well!! This website is not big enough to share all our memories from the class of '60. All is well in the Sunshine State.... Roy Rollins '60


Chip Chapman writes ...

Just wanted to let you know, hip replacement went well, they operated on 5/21 and I went home 5/25. This was much easier than the knee replacements that I had. Not in a lot of pain, more stiffness and soreness. Already going up and down the stairs. Getting ready to switch from walker to the crutches.

Have made it official: Now retired from both Iowa and Illinois teaching. I will be coming down to Gideon for the annual alumni get together. I am planning to come early and visit the school while in session.

Otherwise some ole boring things up here in Quad Cities. lol. Each day I get up, I know that there are no boring things going to happen that day, just good ole positive events during the day. I chose to ignore anything that hints of "negative".

40 years being a teacher and being an administrator for students is amazing considering the pain in ass that I was in high school. I could have won alot of money, because no one classmates nor teachers would have envision me being in education.

Do you know if anyone has information on Wille Newbern and Coach Schneider (sp)?????



Jimmy LaBrot  writes ...

...Seems the older I get the more I think about the "good ole Gideon" days.  Mom died in Nov., 1992 and Dad passed away Feb., 1993.  Ray was killed in the Fall of 1977.  Mom and Dad lived in Poplar Bluff on the east side, not far from the old Butler County Fair Grounds, out by the Airport.  Ray had gone to the Fair, was walking home and stepped in front of a car. (Ronnie and Ray were twins)


I live in Dexter, manage the Sheltered Workshop and I'll do the sports on KDEX,  Football, basketball and baseball.  Married, wife is and RN works at Sikeston hospital.  Have three kids.  Vikki will be 40 in Aug., is a teacher in Tunica, Ms.  Paula is 36 and works at corporate level with Lane Furniture in Tupelo, Ms.  Son Mike is 23 and will teach next year in Warrenton, Mo.


... Thanks for all of the work that you have put into the web site and keep it growing.


Jim LaBrot


"Have you ever wondered how many other people's pictures you were in the background-especially vacation pictures?  One of our GHS grads finds herself in the background of a picture taken 55 years ago."


Catherine Grimes writes...

Yes, the street that my Aunt Ruby lived on was the same street that the Reynolds lived on, so I think that is me and my cousin. He was 11 months younger than me and I was always riding him on my bike. I'm pretty sure that is us, but I can't be 100 per cent. The shanty houses she talks about, I remember everyone called rag town, I think. I remember the Parts store, that is where Wayne Law's dad worked. His name was Golvie, I think. My cousin's name was Bobby Hutchinson, he died in 1976. Thanks so much for letting me know.  I am hoping that it is us, that would be so neat. I only have one group picture from Gideon when I was a kid. It was on the stage in the high school gym, and it was a bunch of us grade school kids holding dolls. Maybe I can get my daughter to scan it and send it to you,  Love Catherine  7/7/2006

Information given on picture: That was taken in front of the Lamar home which was a small house beside the one Billie lived in when she died.  I believe it was called Anderson street- because on the corner half way down was the old Anderson house- but not sure.  It’s the street the old GA Parts and Supply store was on and at the end of the street-across a small ditch was a group of shanty type houses which had a name but I can’t remember it.  The Reynolds lived on the street that crossed before the small ditch-if it had a name I never new it-I think it was called ”the street Johnny lived on.” Ha! The lumber yard was that way also but turned to the right . The car is that old green Oldsmobile we had for ever that never started until you cranked it a while and the kids use to holler “put a nickel in it”-that always embarrassed me to death.  The house on the corner behind Billie is where Brenda Erwin used to live but at that time I think Ercel Kitchen lived there-not sure.  



Denise Graves writes ...

What a treat!  I often wonder what the students thought of my father as a teacher.  My name is Denise Graves and am the oldest of Carl Graves' 4 children.  There nearly was one of us born per year.  My youngest sister was born before I turned five.  I hope more folks comment on your website - it is a lot of fun for me as I'm sure it is for others.  I will definitely mark this as one of my favorites and check back often. 
You may also remember a teacher named Jack Gray.  I still keep in contact with his daughter, Becky.  She was my best friend while I was at Gideon elementary (July 1961 - May 1964).
Keep up the good work. June 28, 2007

Charlene French writes ...

I really enjoyed looking at the website...
 Charlene French Johnson ....class of 1963  -  January 8, 2007

Charlene French writes ...

I am so impressed with the website....I emailed my old friend, Linda Cook Fisher about it...Linda lives in Springfield, Mo.  I called her this morning and we discussed the pictures we saw on the site.  We both said you favor your Dad so much.


 I saw the picture of Mama on the site.  I probably have some pictures I could send.


 I live in a retirement community on the old Blytheville Airbase.  I retired here and met a widower and got married.  I was just a few days from my 57 th birthday when I married for the first time.   We go up to the Malden area once in awhile.  I see Benny once in awhile.


 I hope to go to the Reunion in September.  I haven't been in several years.

 Linda and I were talking this morning about your parents.  Your Mother was so good to visit Mama.  I just loved both your parents.


Have a great day.  Charlene French Johnson


Doil Harris writes ...

Hello everyone

This was my first time to attend and I enjoyed seeing every one, I was very surprised to hear how many of our class mates are gone this leaves a very empty feeling and makes me realize how much you miss out in life by not keeping in touch, looking forward to seeing everyone next year. Please keep the mail coming. September 8, 2006



Don Gurlen writes ...

I was on your website and thought it was awesome. I was in the class of  " 62" and

finished my 6th. grade  in the old school, before  going over to the High School. 

The class of 59 was not the last ones to attend at the old school.


Don Gurlen        June22, 2006


Danny Wood writes ...

Hi all,   I was real sorry to hear about Larry Lance, our sympathies & prayers to the family.  Just wanted you to know that My wife Joan and I really enjoyed this past Alumni, it was so good to see all of my old friends and classmates as well as people we went to church with.   I am looking forward to meeting with you in October and also to our upcoming class reunion. I would like a password to be able to get into the website.

Until we meet again, may God Bless and keep you.

Dannie Wood  9/23/06


Pris writes ...

I love reading everybody's bio---sounds like everyone has had a pretty interesting life.  Pris P  July 28, 2006  Class 1958



Boyt Johnson writes ...

I don't know who put together this web sight but they did an excellent job.  I have spent two hours on this sight and have enjoyed every minute. I had the pleasure seeing a picture of my father who taught at Gideon 1952-1955.He passed away in 2001. Thanks again  Boyt Johnson Class of 1954. 

14254 Moffett Dr, Fenton Mi. Cell 810-397-0632


Demetra Bell writes ...

Lance Dell emailed me this site and I must say


To everyone who has taken the time to put this together "KUDOS"!  

I will always hold close to my heart my memories of GHS and everyone there!

Demetra Bell Class of 1986!! 



Pris Pool writes ...

I love the Halloween look!!!!! and the pages about the Kennett radio station KBOA!!!!   Keep up the good work.



Flo Hasty writes ...

I love the Halloween theme on the Website.


Don Gurlen writes ...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the site you did for  Calvin Walker...It was great and you did such a unique tribute to Calvin.  With us all going to the Baptist Church .. he as well as your Dad was my Sunday School teachers...all I can say is that God truly has blessed me.  memories are priceless.


Jim Walton writes ...

You have done a great job. Found the site and couldn't stop until I had opened every page.

Class of '69

Jim Walton

Account Executive

SAS Institute, Inc.


317.645.3977 mobile



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