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Virginia Leah (Lamar) Swaim



Homecoming Queen ~ Editor-in-Chief  of Gisemo Herald

Virginia's Photo Album

(Husband) Jerol, Virginia, (Daughters ) Leigh and Leslie, Son-in-law


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Remembering Ginny...

I can't remember when I didn't know Ginny.  We walked to school together our first day in the first grade and we were roommates in college.  My fondest memory is that first day in the first grade (we didn't have Kindergarten.)  Ginny pushed her baby doll in her doll buggy all the way from her house to my house... alone.  I got my doll buggy with my baby doll (Suzy Q) and we both strolled off to the first day of school...alone.  When we arrived late Miss Ruth met us at the door and told us to leave our babies and buggies outside.  We were so disappointed - what were we going to play with all day in that room?  Recess came and we pushed our buggies over the lumpy dirt of the playground - and the piano recitals, oh, yes.  Ginny and I played duets.  By the time the duet was finished we were practically in a fight over sharing the piano bench.       Bonnie B

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