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Senior Trip Memoirs

The Note and Full Account of the 1959 Senior Trip was written by Virginia L.  She can't remember why she typed out the account maybe as Editor of the Gisemo Herald this was to be or was an article.  The original type written pages have been halved for easier reading.

The last two thumbnails are from the Gisemo Herald 1958 giving an account of the 1958 Senior Trip


Virginia writes ...

In digging through a scrapbook I had put together my senior year, I found a few interesting pictures and a few not-so-interesting pictures of our senior trip. The interesting ones were of people, of course, and the others were tombstones and stadiums. It’s funny what you take pictures of. Anyway, I shared the "good" ones with Bonnie to do with as she pleases. I found a lot of other interesting artifacts in the scrapbook along with the pictures–old dried up corsages, pieces of a cardboard crown I wore as homecoming queen (no diamond/rhinestone tiara that year), and several old programs. My mother was not a "keeper" of anybody’s history, so this scrapbook is pretty much all I have. Anyway, another item I found was a 2 ˝ page description of our senior trip that I had written for something. It may have been my last act as editor of the school newspaper. If this is an example of the editor’s contributions, the newspaper was hurting. I am sure the good staff we had and our fearless sponsor, Mr. Graves, contributed much to the excellence of our production. One thing I did notice was that I used every inch, top-to-bottom, side-to-side, of a piece of paper. I don’t know if "waste not, want not" was something I learned from Mr. Graves or my daddy. Anyway, it was in practice that day.

I am sending a copy of it to Bonnie, once again to do with as she pleases. Remember I did not have word processing so it is full of messes and even a few misspelled words. I had to laugh a lot after I read it because it sounded like such an "old woman" writing. Maybe I was an "old woman" at eighteen. Don’t answer that!

I also had to reflect on what a good bunch of kids we must have been if the only things we could think to get into were running up and down the halls of the hotels and putting toothpaste on door knobs. I am sure I was not privy to everything that some of you did get into, but you must have kept it pretty quiet if you did. Reading these notes has certainly began to renew my interest in those years we spent together.

Take the time to dig around and search for some of your old pictures or other items and write something about your journey in life so we can all get reacquainted.

1958 Senior Trip account from May 16, 1958 Gisemo Herald

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1959 Senior Trip Pictures

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Prom Memoirs

1958 Prom

Prom Procedure (as I recall) was the Junior Class hosted the Prom for the Senior Class and the Sophomore class served at the Prom.  The Junior selected the Theme, ordered the decorations and decorated the gym for the Prom.  Our class chose the Theme "Oriental Gardens" for the Prom we hosted in 1958.  Below are souvenirs from that Prom.  Can you believe a 48 year old paper napkin-and still useable?  We had table favors of Oriental Fans, Programs, Place cards and Napkins all matching with the Oriental Gardens Theme.


1959 Prom

Our Senior Program given to us by Class of 1960 was themed "Music In The Air."  Again,  we have a paper napkin still intact after 47 years.

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