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Oldest Graduate    

Tribute to Class of  '56

Class of '56 Senior Pictures


Class of 1959 Breakfast had a bumper crowd with 44 attending.  A little business was discussed and a lot of hugs and kisses.  Information sheets were distributed for class information.  Button sales brought in $203.00 and plans made for next year sales.  See pictures of 1959 class breakfast in the Photo Albums.

More pictures in Photo Albums - Report on Reunion in 50th Reunion

'59 Class Attending Reunion


Monty Adams

Patsy (Henson) Fleming

Doyne Baker

Doyle Breedlove

Rose Mary (Barber) Berry

Jewel Fay (Wright) Fliney

Jerry Beasley

Dollie (Kifer) Landis

Sandra (LeSieur) McConnell

Paul Sherman Berry

Donald Blackwood

Bill Lindley (Junior)

Bonnie (Bradshaw) Allen

Larry Little

Nellie (Campbell) Richardson

Biven Watson

Edna Nadine (Brown) Merritt

Brenda (Nail) Walton

Joanna (Campbell)  Moore

Norma (Orton) Smith

Joe Moore

Linda (Ramage) Cohen

Geraldine( Carter) Ashabranner

Dannie Wood

Patsy (Baker) Hargrove

Freeman Wood

Nancy (Walker) Wilkerson

Doris (Shafer) Aycock

Joyce (Womack) Efurd

Delmer Walton

Nelta (Howard) Owens

Dennis Crowell

Pat (DeProw) Ockel

Doil Harris

Willie Buddy Payne

Flora (Hasty) Hutto

J. W. "Dub" Lumbeck

Arthur Cole

The Oldest Graduate Attending Reunion Dinner - 2006

The oldest graduate attending the Dinner was Marie Randolph, 95 years old and graduated in 1929 - 77 years ago.  Miss Randolph was the oldest but several were close.  The 1st graduating class listed on GHS website was in 1917.  One hundred and twenty-two students graduated from 1917 through 1929.  List of 1929 Graduating Class;

Harry Predeau
Price Pinkley
Gladys Wilhelm
Earl Kizer
W. H. Johnson
Johnny Thornton
Neva Smith
Marie Randolph
Virginia Sharp
Ruth Smith
Hannah Owens
Victor Elam
Cleona Hinckle
Mary Mumma

Tribute To Class of '56

"Stroll Down Memory Lane "- 1956 Class

The 2006 Gideon School Reunion went off beautifully Saturday, September 2nd.  The day was bright and breezy with temperatures in the mid to high 70's. 

Class of 1956 celebrating their 50th year was the host of the Dinner.  The entertainment was good, featuring Jimmy Payne a graduate of the 1956 class.  Larry Sharp and Carl Blanchard did a "KGHS. 1956 Live Radio Broadcast" complete with sponsors such as Hilfiker's Grocery-Roy F. Elam-Broadhacker Cleaners-Princess Theater-Wilcoxson Furniture Co and Gideon Anderson Stores.  Interview with the sponsors was entertaining.

And of course, the 1956 basketball team showed up:  Kenneth Dye #66, Donald Orton #33, Bill Richardson #44, Guy Ashley #11, Truman Richardson #55, and John Shoemaker #77(protraying Wayne Smith, deceased.)

You guessed it, the cheerleaders were there too:  Anna Mae Howard, Ercil Cooper, Connie Wilhelm, and Barbara Baker.

It was a great evening with old friends.  Check out the 2006 Reunion pictures in "Phot Albums."

Stroll Down Memory Lane Program

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Poem read by Connie Wilhelm Spears

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Center Decorations For Tables (Many Old Pictures)


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2006 Reunion Pictures


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Graduating Class of '56



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Guy Paul Ashley
Lillian Baker
Betty Bell
Lavada Barnett
Perry Clark
Mary Cluck
Earcil Cooper
Vivian Crafton
Janet Dickey
Robert Drummond
Kenneth Dye
Peggy Foster
Elizabeth Fowler
Wanda Gilkey
Eva Lou Gregg
Karnese Harris
Shirley Henson
Billy Joe Hicks
Anna Mae Howard
Phillis Huntington
Earlene Ingram
Joe Ingram
Marion Johnson
Richard Kinsey
Sue Knotts
Joy Claudette Little
Loretta Miller
Shirley Midkiff
Donald Orton
Ruby Payne
Betty Revelle
Billy Joe Richardson
Turman Richardson
Geneva Rhine
Anna Ruth St. Cin
Joell Roy
Betty Russell
Louise Shafer
John Melvin Shoemaker
Dexter Wayne Smith
Dean Smuthers
Kahleen Stokes
Dale Taylor
Ray Thompson
Gary Toole
David Vandiver
Shirley Wadsworth
Donald Walker
Terry Walker
Helen Walton
Jessee Faye Walton
Glenda Wilkins
Connie Wilhelm
Millidean Womack
Glenna Wolverton