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B. Ray Holifield

Gideon High School Graduate 1955






After working six (6) years for Texaco in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ray Holifield was continuously active in the Middle East from March 1970 through July 1975 advising/consulting with the national oil companies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Iran and Algeria. This was the time period when the Middle East governments were beginning to assume management and operations of their oil fields and needed technical help from U.S. oil experts.

Since 1975, affiliates of Holifield Oil Company (“Holifield”) have concentrated on utilizing fracture treatment, utilization of seismic to locate fractures associated with faults and horizontal drilling in the United States. Holifield has been credited with the development of seismic techniques allowing successful development of fracture systems in the Austin Chalk Trend commencing 1976. Holifield has drilled or caused to be drilled as consultant more than 1,500 vertical oil and gas wells in the Austin Chalk Trend of South Texas since 1975. These 1,500 wells (costing approximately 1.0 billion dollars) have produced over 200 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) with a value of approximately 4.5 billion dollars. Holifield and Bechtel Investments of San Francisco, California developed the first commercial tools for re-entry medium radius horizontal drilling in 1986. Holifield and Bechtel created a service company in 1987 to offer medium radius horizontal drilling technology specializing in re-entry of existing oil and gas wells. Holifield sold its one-half interest in the service company in 1991 for sizable profits so Holifield could withdraw from time spent managing a service company to concentrate on utilizing horizontal drilling as an oil company. During this time period, Holifield also established small oil companies in the United States, Colombia and Canada. Holifield has participated and/or operated approximately 250 horizontal wells in the Austin Chalk Trend.

Although Holifield continued oil and gas operations in Texas, beginning July 1992, affiliates of Holifield commenced efforts to establish a joint stock company (Permstar Oil and Gas) in Perm, Russia with Permneft. Permstar utilized bacteria to control paraffin with a pilot project in 1994 and 1995. Beginning July 1993, Holifield began efforts to structure a production sharing agreement in Kazakstan. A pilot project utilizing bacteria to control paraffin occurred in the Uzen field. The agreement in Kazakstan was between Kazamunaygas and HEC-G (a Holifield affiliate). Due to uncertain political situation, Russian activities will for the foreseeable future remain dormant. However, oil field operations will continue in Kazakstan as funds and opportunities are available.

Since 1996, Holifield has concentrated on organizing large oil and gas programs utilizing re-entry horizontal drilling in Giddings field in South Texas.


B. S., 1959, University of Missouri - Columbia
M. A., 1964, University of Missouri - Columbia

1996 - 2005 Holifield Oil Company, Giddings, Texas.
Oil and gas company concentrating on oil and gas operations in Austin Chalk Trend in South Texas.

1987 - 1991 BecField Horizontal Drilling Services, Houston, Texas.
First service company in the world to provide commercial re-entry medium radius horizontal drilling services.

1984 - 1999 Holifield Companies, Inc., Dallas, Texas.
Oil and gas operations in Texas, Canada, Colombia, Russia and Kazakstan.

1979 - 1987 Ray Holifield & Associates (RH&A), Dallas, Texas.
Petroleum consulting firm. Affiliates of RH&A were oil field operators in Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

1975 - 1979 LaRue, Moore & Schafer, Dallas, Texas
Development of oil and gas prospects with emphasis on low permeability sands and carbonates.

1970 - 1975 D. R. McCord & Associates, Dallas, Texas.
Geological evaluation and computer reservoir prediction of future performance of oil fields in North Africa (Algeria), Australia (Cooper Creek Basin), Middle East (Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Iran) and various North American oil fields.

1964 - 1970 Texaco, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana.
Supervision of data analysis for offshore USA lease sales, stratigrapher and paleontologist.

1955 - 1964 University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri
Earned over 225 student credit hours.

Distinguished Alumnus Award (1990)
Arts and Science College
University of Missouri-Columbia

Faculty-Alumni Award (1992)
University of Missouri-Columbia

Geology Development Board Member (1982-2005)
Geology Development Board Chairman (1992-1993)
University of Missouri-Columbia

Missouri Development Board Member (1984-1994)
Missouri Development Board Vice-Chairman (1991-1993)
University of Missouri-Columbia

One of the leading pioneers in development of technology to allow re-entry medium radius horizontal drilling. Presented over fifty lectures and seminars to professional societies and meetings as expert in horizontal drilling 1987 through 1992.

Developed the art of utilization of seismic to locate fractures in Austin Chalk Trend, which allowed the drilling of over 1,500 vertical wells in the Austin Chalk Trend of South Texas by Ray Holifield and Associates from 1976 through 1986.


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