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The Pool Hall-Resolutions -Vs- Questions

 For The New Year of 2007

by Art Cole



Hello Everyone--

Wrote this a couple of years ago--for the new year of 2005 as a guide for personal living for the months of 2005 and revised for 2006. 


One of the best things that happened that year was that Pat Ockel called to remind me to attend the annual class breakfast in Malden--made a promise to attend and kept the promise--had so much fun that Flora says that I am the best advocate for the annual breakfast as well as to encourage people to attend the monthly planning meetings in Malden for the breakfast and 50th Reunion!


At any rate--found this in "My Documents"--perhaps a test run around the track of the months of 2007 would be good--at least for me--perhaps there is something you can find useful too?  Happy New Year!  Art Cole--January 11, 2007


The Pool Hall--Resolutions Versus Questions For The New Year of 2007


Sweet thinks--life is wonderful--the day is so beautiful--days like this cause her to wish she could live a thousand years!  The sun is shining, the sky is so blue and the breeze from the south is going make sure this is a very warm early January day.  She can hear the crunch of the tires on the gravel street as she brings her truck to a stop in front of The Pool Hall.  She is very excited about seeing her buddies and to shoot a few games of pool.  It is good to have a place to go where everyone knows your name!  Grandma always said that a person should have at least six friends--to be pallbearers at one's funeral.  She felt good that she had easily exceeded Granny's minimum--or could it have been a maximum?  


She knew that Fly Girl, William Wallace, Thunder and Lightning, Jazz Girl, Honey, The Secret of Victoria, Big D, The Tallapoosian, The Emir, The Prince, Big R, Sweet and Sour, Horesefly, Combat Girl, King Fish, Beak, Louisville Slugger, Soldier Man, Hayride, The Parson, Harley Davidson Motorcycle Person, Squeaky, Fish Eyed Fool and Goat Eyes would be inside--they were regulars!


Sweet bursts thru the door with her customary flair, and Jazz Girl shouts "Sweet is here!"


"Wanna play a game?" ask Lightning.


"Sure",  replies Sweet.


"Bet or no bets?" Lightning quizzes.


"No bets today--too many Christmas bills coming due, the credit card minimum payment has been increased and I may faint when my heating bill comes in a day or two" replies Sweet.


Beak is thinking about the New Year, and whether he could finally make resolutions that he could keep for more than a few days.  "Did anyone make resolutions for the New Year?"


"Nope" replied Lightning.


"Always, but don't last very long," muttered Squeaky.


Sweet chimes in "No--because this is the year to ponder questions rather than make resolutions.  It is time to move beyond the phony resolutions of the mundane and phony such as being a kinder and better person or being more healthy by losing a few pounds yet Combat Girl received  obscene car honks yesterday as she zipped through an intersection on caution and queen size beds are six inches wider today than in 1970.  Plus four wheel scooters and ATVs are becoming the status symbols of some baby boomers. "


Honey thinks should I speak my thought or should I remain quiet about the Veteran Administration's Weight Loss Program?  Finally, she decides to take the plunge because she served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm which gives her confidence to think that her views and information do count for something.  "Hey, Sweet--talking about losing weight--according to the VFW Magazine of January 2006, the VA has created a program to help 4 million overweight veterans entitled The Managing Obesity/Overweight Veterans Everyone (MOVE).  The program was tested on 571 overweight patients at 17 VA medical centers.  The average weight of the men was 269 pounds and 222 pounds for the women."


"Wow!  Leggett and Platt are going to make the coils of mattresses stronger to help make sure beds do not collapse if that is true" Fly Girl thinks out loud.


Sweet continues--"So it is time to ponder questions which make a difference in our lives."


"I agree with you--too many people drink diet sodas yet have many excess pounds!" muses Thunder.


"Okay, okay, okay, Sweet--what are the questions you have?" shouts Horsefly as he returns from the backroom where there may be some high rolling games with a lot of cash on the table!  Rumors swirl about the backroom!


"Question 1--Who is your mentor?  Everyone needs someone to stand on the sidelines of our lives and encourage us to achieve our dreams by illuminating the big picture for us.  To give us gentle shoves which help us move toward achieving our potential which is a part of every individual.


Question 2--Who challenges you?  Different viewpoints are good because they challenge our righteousness of certainty ideas, because it is tough to listen to challenges to our ideas which we know are correct!  A true buddy will tell you when you have food in your front teeth or an old man will be told that they have hair in or on their ears or hanging from their nostrils.  The same goes for our viewpoints--our ideas are like the food particles in our front teeth--sometimes to be told that we have the food in our teeth is very painful--may even make us mad--but it is good for us to know the facts--to have someone to challenge us--to add flavor to our journey.


Question 3--Who will listen to you?  It is very discouraging to talk about ideas and to discover that most people to whom we are talking are not listening to us--rather they are thinking about themselves or something else or should they be listening they will reply with a negative reaction to goals or dreams. 


By knowing who will be our mentor, who will challenge us, and who will listen to us--then we will be able to answer Question 4--Who am I going to be this year--this new year of 2007!  In other words, we will know ourselves which will help us to be people that will have dreams with short term and long term goals that can be translated into the will to take action to make them reality and the world will be a better place because of our lives!"


"Sweet, my head is hurting--too much thinking for today" gasps Fly Girl!


"Help her down from the Soap Box" says Horsefly, and Combat Girl rushes to help Sweet make her way down from her perch atop the pool table.


The Parson lifts his black hat which had been pulled down over his eyes as he appeared to be napping in the corner, and he adds--"Those four questions will help us to make sure on the last moments of our life when the Angel of Death glides toward the perch on our shoulder to reclaim our spirit that we will be able to realize that we lived a life which had positive impact on living, working and playing!  We will have a good answer to the question of what is our life?  We will know that life was more than a vapor that appeared for a brief time and then vanished away!  We will have achieved the goals of being swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath and applied the golden rule to everyday interactions with people.  Life will be wonderful and almost every moment will be as good as it gets in this world."




"It's a Wonderful World"


Gideon Seniors 1959
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