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Pickin' Cotton

Gideon's past could not be written without mentioning

"pickin' cotton."  Just as logging was the mainstay of the

economy in the early 1900's, cotton was the mainstay in the mid

1900's-our generation.  It's a bitter-sweet memory and for the

ones never picked cotton or ones wanting to re-visit their

past-this is for you.  We hope this is an ongoing project

and others will contribute to our memories.

Send your memories to class@gideonsenors1959.com


The Cotton Race  

by Doyle Breedlove




More than you want to know about history of mechanical pickers



Cotton Pickin'




King Cotton

by Phyllis Russell




Historical Photos

of Early Cotton Pickers




Cotton The King

Cotton Pickin

Doyne Baker

Norma Orton