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Phyllis (Russell) Glass


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From Then To Now

Phyllis Russell

Most important in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I am a member of the Brighton Highway Assembly of God in Brighton, MO, where I attend the old-time gospel service (at 8am!) and the old folks' Sunday School class.  I rely heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide me in all decisions, and to keep me and comfort me in my day to day life.  I'm just trying to be useful till He comes to take me Home.
Second in importance in my life is my family.  I have four sons aged from 26 to 46 and one daughter (can't tell her age!) with whom I currently share a home.  Their dad passed away in June of 2002.  I also have 14 grandchildren, which include 2 step-s and 2 great-grandchildren, which includes a step-grandson.  They are my pride and joy.
My birth-family remains close-knit, probably due to our loss of Dad so early.  We had a wonderful step-dad, Frosty, who went to be with the Lord in December about 25 years ago.  My mom is still alive, well and contrary.  She still lives on the old homesite on 6 ditch.  All my brothers and sisters are still living.
Last, but not least in importance, is my job, which includes many of my friends (co-workers).  I teach special education, and I love it.  I will probably continue to teach until the Lord calls me Home, or until I am so senile that the students can't help me hide it any longer.


Phyllis' Photo Album

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