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Norma (Orton) Baker


From Then To Now


I was born and raised in Gideon, MO.  I attended the Gideon schools until my Senior year 1958-1959.  I married Douglas Smith in my Senior year.  We were married for 47 years and divorced in 2005.  We have two children.  Our daughter Vonda and her husband Craig Eaenheat

have two children, Brooklyn 12 and Allen 11.  They attend school at Gideon where their father is a teacher and coach.  My daughter Vonda

is a professional photographer and has a studio in Gideon.


Our son Jimmy Smith and wife Karen also live in Gideon.  They have two children, Mackenzie 8 and Ryan who was killed in an automobile accident when he was 19.  Jimmy works in Poplar Bluff and Karen works in Malden. I am very proud of my children and love spoiling my grandkids. 


I was a stay at home Mom until 1970.  I have had several jobs including driving an eighteen wheeler truck.  The one I enjoyed most was driving a school bus for the Gideon schools.  I started out with Headstart and later transferred to the main school.  I watched my Headstart

children go from children to young adults and graduate.  Now that makes you feel old!!!


I was single for 3 years then married a wonderful guy most of you know, Doyne Baker a classmate.  I retired from from my job in 2008 and became a full time "fishing buddy" with my husband, Doyne.  We live on Lake Wappapello and have a wonderful life.

Norma's Photo Album

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Norma, Sharon, Patsy,


Shirley, Norma, Doris

Doris, Norma, Shirley

Sister Sandra ~ Norma

Norma, Mother, Sandra


Daughter Vonda and Craig Eaenheat Grandchildren Brooklyn and Allen

Son Jimmy and Karen Smith

Grandchild Ryan

also Mackenzie not shown


Brooklyn Eaenheat, Ryan Smith, Allen Eaenheat and Mackenzie Smith

"Love is a many splendored thing"

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