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Gideon High School

June, 2009


June Birthdays


Class of 1959


Nola (Rhine) Gilkey-June 4

Rose Mary (Barber) Berry-June 6

Arthur Cole-June 7

Barbara (Brown) Tolbert-June 20

Doyle Breedlove - June 24


Other Birthdays


Judy (Layden) Smith-June 1 class '

Bobby Tuggle-June 2  class '58
June (Payne)-June 4 class '66
Jim Baker-June 2 class '58

Chalma  (Dockins) Jordan-June 5 class '51
Don Sparrowks-June 6  class '58

Wilodene (Weatherly) Moore-June 10 class '57

Lavada (Gilkey) Oswald-June 19 class '60

Billie Jean (Sullivan) Gaines-June 21 class '58

Dorothy (Gilkey) Hankins-June 22 class '58

Karnese (Harris) Thompson-June 24 class '56

Sheryl (Ramage) Donner-June 27


June Anniversary


Randall and Ona (Shelton) Bentley

June 8th - 46 years.

Darroll and Savanah (Randolph) Hargraves

June 30th - 48 years.



Bernice Caulder

Bernice Caulder, 92 years of age passed away Monday, May 25th.

Visitation will be Thursday, May 28th at the Bradshaw Funeral Home in Gideon from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Funeral services will be on Friday, May 29th at 11:00 AM. with burial in the Stanfield cemetery in Clarkton.


Bernice is the mother of Jerry Caulder class of and Christine (Caulder) Kitchen.



Bobby Campbell

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bobby Campbell, 73, of Gideon, Mo., died Monday, May 18, 2009, at his residence. Funeral arrangements are incomplete with the Bradshaw Funeral Home of GideonBobby's wife,

Betty Sparrowks, was in the class of 1954


Searching for Biological Mother


Biological Mother

and Family Found



Dear Friends,

 With the help and support of all my new friends, I have located my birth mother. Not only did I find her but also found that I have twelve siblings, yea, I had to

pick myself up from the floor after that. Three brothers, not including rocky, the brother that I had found earlier. Then there are seven sisters. Wilma ( the bio mother )and I did all the paper work for the Children's Home Society and they verified that she was indeed listed in our files as our bio mother. I have spoke to five of the sisters and one of the brothers, as two of them have passed away. Our bio mom was raised in Winona, Mo. If you remember I had started my search in Gideon because Rocky was born there. Well turns out she did indeed have connections to Gideon.  One sister lives in Portageville, I was staying in Portageville when I came in for the Gideon high reunion. So close! 

I have not been able to visit Missouri again to meet my bio mother, as most of you know I lost my father in April of this year. My mother has terminal cancer, so I moved her in with us and I take care of her here.

My mom wanted so much to be apart of this reunion, and we tried to get there but she only made it to Ga. and had the brain bleed and ended up in the ER there. A tumor in her brain had stared bleeding. She has recovered from that and is doing ok, she seems to get weaker by the day, but that is to be expected due to the progression stage of her cancer. She has a great spirit and knows she is going to a better place. I wanted to say thank you to all the people that spent their time helping me locate  her. I really enjoyed my visits to Gideon and meeting all the wonderful people there. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

                         God Bless you all,

                               Hi Friends,
Well I made the trip to Missouri. I stayed a week with

my new sister Linda and her family. I just adore them!

Linda is married to Bruce and they have two daughters (teenagers) yea! We really had a great time and found that we have a lot in common.  I also met Donna another sister. Donna lives in Alton, Missouri. Donna and I had lunch and talked a lot. I hope to get to spend more time with her and her family in the near future. Then I arranged a meeting with my bio mother( Wilma)  and another sister, well that meeting did not go as well. I don't think there will  ever be a relationship with either Wilma or the other sister.  I'm ok with that, I had set myself up the possibility that things would not go very well. Wilma just seems very bitter and doesn't want to be honest about things. The sister seems to be very close to Wilma. I had met them in the parking lot of a store and the sister suggested that we go to Wilma's house and that she would follow us. Well before I got to Wilma's the sister called me and said that she needed to get back to the house (because her granddaughter whom was with her was crying) and that she would catch me next time I was there. Well ok?  Don't think I will go backI flew 1200 miles and drove two hours to meet her and she can't give me a few minutes??
So, I'm very excited about my sisters. I'm very glad that my adopted mother (Sallie) didn't get to meet her, she would have been so upset.  My adopted mother passed away Jan 24th. I had placed her in a Hospice House when I was unable to physically take care of her. I moved into Hospice with her

for two weeks as she then passed. She just kept saying just get me to Heaven and I'll be ok, so she is definitely ok!!
I just once again want to thank all my new Friends for all your help and to let you know you are all in my prayers. I'll keep you updated. My sister Linda and her family are coming to Florida in July. That will be fun.
                      Thanks again, God Bless

News article about Debra and her quest to find Biological Mother.  Click to read.



Tragic Fire at Gideon First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church in Gideon was struck by lightning

Friday night, May 8, 2009.  The church auditorium and fellowship

hall was destroyed by fire from the lightning.  The educational

building was left standing with a lot of smoke and water damage. 

his is a sad day for our church.  Please pray for the congregation

as we go forward from here.        Charlotte Jordan

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Seniors - Gotta love us!




Letter to Classmates

Sandra LeSieur McConnell


I canít believe it has been 50 years.

Surely they are talking about someone

else. What great memories I have of  the

class of Ď59.  From the Tom Thumb wedding

 to the  plays we were in, the Senior talent

show and just plain having a lot of fun.


One of my favorite memories, of course,

is the Senior trip. I remember Billy Walker

directing traffic in New Orleans, some of the boys getting a call from "Rosie". Only certain ones can tell you that story.  I remember Zorro being written across my forehead in bright red lipstick and a map on one leg  to Clarkton and on the other leg a map to Madison Mo. - this was also written in lipstick. This happened because I left madly in love with someone from Clarkton but fell even more madly in love with someone from Madison. You can do that when you are 17, you know. Of course I was sound asleep when this all happened.


I remember getting locked out when we went out to see the fire escape. I remember Art Cole drinking too much root beer and asking me if it could make him drunk.  Ah! the innocence of it all.  I recall the walk down Bourbon St. -and Mr. Henry reminding us it was for education purposes. I think the guys strained their necks just to see what we were not suppose to be looking at (for educational purposes, of course). What I remember the most though was on the way back when, I think, it just really dawned on us this was it.  We would not be seeing each other every day.  I still remember that sad feeling.  How did we know certain ones wouldn't be with us 50 years later?  I thought I would be dancing with Glen James forever, or being crazy with Harold Butler at our 50th reunion.  


 All of this is a journey I would not have wanted to miss, and to

have all of you as a part of my life is right up there with my most

awesome memories. I actually keep a list of my most awesome

moments and memories of my life.  As Bob Hope said, " Thanks

for the memories" and thanks for being my friends.  Looking

forward to seeing you all at the Reunion.

 Love to all

Sandy LeSieur McConnell


Note:  Do you have something to say?  Say it here!


More Old Pictures

Click to enlarge


The Baker girls as we remember them in

the 50's

Click to enlarge


Hershey Moore and Benny Bradshaw

looking like little Angels - looks can be

deceiving...Taken in late 40's

Remember this picture?



It was in Doris Shafer's picture

collection but only half a picture.


Doris was searching for the

whole picture.  We found it in

Dennis Crowell's Memory Album.


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Tom Thumb Wedding

Class of 1959

2nd Grade


Click to enlarge

I saw the photos of the Tom Thumb Wedding on the Class of 1959

website and wanted to send this one along (it was in the photo

collection of my late grandparents).  My dad, Buddy Randolph,

was the groom and my grandfather always told the story about

how he had to pay him a dollar to kiss the bride! 


Lyle Randolph




These pictures are 62 years old. Isn't it wonderful to have this

moment in time captured to remind us of our youth.

It seems the younger generation really appreciate these

older pictures of their relatives.  Parents and Grandparents can

tell stories but a picture is worth a thousand words.  Please share

your old pictures with us.

Email to class@gideonseniors1959.com

Buster Randolph


More wonderful old pictures sent in by Lyle Randolph.

Lyle is the son of our classmate Buddy.  If you look

closely at the two pictures below you will recognize

quickly that the young man with the letter sweater

is Buddy's father, Buster.  Doesn't he look like Buddy

at that age?


Click on picture to enlarge


Does anyone know who the other three people are?

Please email us and give us your best guess.


This is obviously a class picture taken at the side of the old

school, which was our class' elementary school. 

Buddy's father is likely in the picture.  Can you name any

of the other children?


This is probably a picture of our School Board.  Can anyone

give the year and name the members?







Alberta (Davenport) Beck-January 2

Lena (Mason) Tolbertson-January 2

Brenda (Nail) Walton-January 21

Norma (Orton) Smith-January 23

Jewel Fay (Wright) Fliney-January 23

Jerry Smith - February 16

Patty (Street) Jordan-March 2

Doris (Shafer) Aycock-March 3

Pat (DeProw) Ockel-March 11

Nancy (Walker) Wilkerson-March 14

Jack Crawford-March 21




Bonnie (Bradshaw)GunterAllen-Apr2

Earnestine (Drennon) Parrish-Apr10

Joy (Shoemaker) Light-Apr 16

Lee Tolbert-Apr 24

Vance Bolen-May 19

Herman Thompson-May 21

Geraldine (Carter) Ashbranner-May 29

Dannie Wood May 12

Nola (Rhine) Gilkey-June 4

Rose Mary (Barber) Berry-June 6

Arthur Cole-June 7

Barbara (Brown) Tolbert-June 20

Doyle Breedlove - June 24




Virginia (Lamar) Swain-July 2

Linda (Ramage) Cohen-July 27

Willie Weldon - August 3 (d)

Dennis Crowell-August-8

Nellie (Campbell) Richardson-August15

Monty Adams-August 26

Louise (Riley) Black-August 26

Jerry Beasley-August 28

Freeman Wood-29

Dollie (Kifer) Landis-September 3

Wanda (Dye) Lawrence-September 10

Flora (Hasty) Hutto-September 13

Patsy (Baker) Hargrove-September 27

Sandra (LeSieur) McConnell-September 28




Joanna (Campbell) Moore-October 5

Phyllis (Russell) Glass-October 9

Jan (Daniels) Cowart - October 9

Joe Moore-October  19

Paul Sherman Berry -October 15

Donald Blackwood-October 25

Carroll (Buddy) Randolph-October 31

Larry Little-November 1

Sherman Kelly - November - 20

Robert Baker-December 1

Doyne Baker-December 11

Bill (JR) Lindley -December 13

Brenda (Erwin) Winton-December 28






"Gold" Award






"Outstanding  site" Award


Remembering The 50s 


Haven Of Love

"Friendship" AWARD GLOBE



Pris ' Birthday List




Kniebert Stillman - Jan 1 (Janis Howard husband)
Charlotte (Forest) Jordan - Jan 1  class '58

Karein (Ward) Robinson - Jan 3 class '62
Connie (Pool) Picou - Jan 21
Donna (Lawrence) Gales - Jan 21 class '62
Leroy Jordan - Jan 21
Norma (Orton) Smith - Jan 23  class '59
Sandra (Orton) Johnson - Jan 23
Francis (Tuggle) - Jan 28 class '54



Mrs. Tommy (Barbara) Rollins - Feb 2

Charles Johnson - Feb 3 class '59

Clyda (Bugg) - Feb 3

Bill Grimes - Feb. 10 class '58
Shirley Bentley - Feb. 15 class '58

Jerry Smith - Feb. 16  class '59
Connie (Wilhelm) Spears  - Feb 26 class '56

Bill Fulkerson - Feb. 16  class '55



Patty (Street) Jordan - March 2 class '59
Doris (Shafer) Aycock - March 3  class '59
Ray Johnson - March 6  class '57

Johnny Grimes - March 7
Edna Bentley - March 7
Mayburn Davidson - March 8  class '58
Barbara (Bentley) Herring - March 10  class '54
Nancy (Walker) Wilkerson - March 14  class '59

Larry Ward - March 16 class '57

Carol Caulder - March 16

Bernice Caulder (Jerry' mother) -March 18
Zelma Rollins - March 20 (Roy Rollins Wife)

Jack Crawford - March 21 class '59



Bonnie (Bradshaw) Gunter-Allen - April 2  class '59

Tommy Moore - April 3 class '57
Trella (Williams) Martinz - April 8  class '58
James  Gurlen - April 10  class '58
Earnestine (Drennon) Parrish - April 10  class '59

Jimmy Payne - April 12

Betty Sue (Layden) Smith - April 15

Joy (Shoemaker) Light - April 16

Beverly (Jaques) Ford - April 17

Velma (Walker) Wilburn - April 18

Lee Tolbert - April 24


Catherine (Grimes) Timms-May 1

Ercil (Cooper) Morts-May 5

Frankie (Lowery) Dell- May 14

Elizabeth (Lackey) Mansfield-May 19

Herman C. Thompson JR.-May 21 class '59

Anna Mae (Howard) Deen - May 22 class '56

Christine (Caulder) Kitchen-May 24
Peggy Grimes-May 26
gy Grimes - May 26
Barbara (Baker) Kampen -  May 28  class '56
Geraldine (Carter) Ashbranner - May 29  class '59



Judy (Layden) Smith - June 1 class '

Bobby Tuggle - June 2  class '58
June (Payne) - June 4 class '66
Jim Baker - June 2 class '58

Chalma (Dockins) Jordan class '
Don Sparrowk - June 6  class '58

Rose Mary (Barber) Berry - June 6 class '59

Arthur Cole - June 7  class '59

Wilodene (Weatherly) Moore - June 10 class '

Lavada (Gilkey) Oswald - June 19 class '

Billie Jean (Sullivan) Gaines - June 21 class '

Dorothy (Gilkey) Hankins - June 22 class '

Karnese (Harris) Thompson - June 24 class '56



Jim Baker - July 2  class '57
Virginia (Lamar) Swaim - July 2  class '59

Tommy Rollins - July 4 class '54

Dorothy (Layden) Yarbrough - July 4 class '62
Pris (Pool) Zahner - July9  class '58

John Shoemaker - July 14 class '56
Martha Bentley - July 24- (Larry Bentleys wife)

Pat Clifford - July 25 - (Shirley Bentley's husband)
Linda (Ramage) Cohen - July 27  class '59

Boyt Johnson - July 28  class '54



Randall Bentley - Aug 1 class '61

Lana (LeSieur) Brashers - August 3 class '64
Dennis Crowell - Aug 8  class '59
Mona (Payne) Lemings - Aug.14 class '58
Carolyn (Pattillo) Crowell - Aug.25 class 62
Monty Adams - Aug. 26  class '59
Jerry Beasley - Aug. 28  class '59
Pat Baker-Aug.31 (Doyne's wife) (d)



Faye (Sanders) Rivera - Sept. 2  class '58
Wanda (Bell) Manning - Sept. 4 class '58
Ellen (Higgins) Hillis - Sept. 4 class '58
Don Gurlen - Sept. 5
Jack Adkins - Sept. 9
Sharon (Payne) Bradley - Sept.10 class '60
Darlene (Rhoades) Tucker - Sept.12 class '58
Flo (Hasty) Hutto -Sept.13 class '59
Wally Moore - Sept.15 class '58
Janis (Howard) Stillman - Sept. 15 '60
Dollie (Kiefer) Landis -  Sept. 3 class '59
Carolyn "BOO" (Bentley) Randolph - Sept. 20
Sandy (LeSeiur) McConnell - Sept.28  class '59



Dwayne Lunbeck - Oct 3
Joanna (Campbell) Moore - Oct 5
Charles Reid - Oct.12  class '58
Larry  Bentley - Oct.14  class '58
Bob Herring - Oct. 15  class '54
Linda (Sharp)  Hughes - Oct. 16  class '58
Randol Pool - Oct 16



Larry Little - Nov.1 class '59

Bill Hicks - Nov 4 class '56
Jerry Caulder - Nov 7 class '60
Savanah ( Randolph) Hargraves - Nov.9 class '58
Carlene (Tuggle) Waddel - Nov. 18 class '52

Jerry Foster - Nov.19 class '53
Sherman Kelly - Nov.20 class '59
Gayle( Payne ) Balentine - Nov.26 class '62

Charlene "French" Johnson - Nov. 29  class '63
Shirley (Warner) Matthews - Nov. 30



Roy  Rollins - Dec. 3 class '60
Doyne Baker - Dec. 11  class '59
Peggy (Dell)  Baker - Dec.14 class '58
Patty (Allen) Breedon - Dec.14  class '56
Larry (Chip) Chapman - Dec 18 class
Brenda (Erwin) Winton - Dec. 28  class '59
Peggye Earnhart - Dec.29th  class '58
Larry Woolverton - Dec. 30  class '58
Darroll Hargraves - Dec. 30 class '58






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