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To: Pris Zahner

Sent: Wednesday, August 01,

2007 6:11 PM

Subject: City Courtyard


Hi Pris;  Please pass this on to

all your e-mail buddies. 


The City purchased the old Ellis property

(beside the city hall) and has given it to the

Women's Club and Alumni Assoc. to make

it into a City Park.  Lots of dirt has been

moved into the area to build it up, and lots

of planning has gone into

the outcome.

The churches in Gideon were

invited to purchase lamp

poles @ $350.00 each, others

have been invited to purchase benches

@ approx. $500. each.  These will have a name

plate showing who gave. There will be 9 lamp

 posts and 12 or 13 benches. 


There is great hopes that some of this may

e ready at the Labor Day Festivities to be seen. 

In any case, be sure to look it over and decide

if you can or want to contribute to this

cause.  There will be a fountain (already bought)

and a gazebo.  But, be assured all of it is costly 

but priceless to the people of Gideon. 


We are very much in need of any and all

contributions to this very worthy event. 

There will be a booth at the school grounds

or you can send contributions now to me 

--Laura Baker @P.o.Box 3047 or 

Vicki Kinsolving @ First Commercial Bank of


 Laura Baker 





Classmates returning for the 2008 Homecoming found a beautiful surprise on main street...our new City Park.  Our new park would be an asset to any City regardless of size.


We can't say enough to express our appreciation to the Woman's club of Gideon for getting this project going and following it through to the end.  This park was created by their vision, hard work and love for our little town-these are the people that refuse to let Gideon go the way of other small towns. 


Even with the many donations the Woman's Club still have a debt of $4,000 and need your contribution to complete payment of this project.  Please send your donation  of any size to:

Vicki Kinsolving @ First Commercial Bank of



The park had visitors throughout the weekend.  Many pictures were taken and a general pride was shared with all that visited.

The large photographs on the side of the brick building was a nostalgic remembrance of our home town.  One middle aged man was showing the pictures to his wife and telling her stories he remembered about each picture.


If you can't send a donation at least send a note to tell the Woman's Club how much you appreciate them.