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Linda (Ramage) Cohen

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From Then To Now

Linda Ramage

After graduation I worked several years at Artemis/Gossard in Malden, decided sewing straps on nightgowns was not what I wanted to do with my life. I started thinking about college and wondered if I could make it. Wonders of wonders, I did. I attended Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge, Ark and received an AA degree. As you all know my family did not have much money, so I had to work my way through college. Working as a secretary, cleaning a meat processing plant and yes, we did pick cotton on Tuesday and Thursdays (The days I was not in class) After my husband graduated from Arkansas State, we moved to Oshkosh, WI. Where he had taken a position with Carnation Company. We were later transferred to Cedar Falls, Iowa and were there 2 years. While there I attended the University of Northern Iowa, completing in 1968.

I started teaching in Clarkton, MO after returning to Missouri in 1969. Soon found out I did not belong in the classroom either.  Took a position with Security Federal Savings And Loan in Malden, MO as a teller. Later became office manager. Security Federal was taken over by Home Savings of America in California. While with Home Savings, I worked in Malden, Cape Girardeau and then transferred to Mesa, Az. I really enjoyed my positions with Home Savings, retiring as Manager of the Mesa, AZ  branch. I retired in 2000 with 26 years in banking and finance.

I married Willard Cohen who is from Malden, MO. After graduation from college he worked for his father, who owned Stokes Brothers Gin in Malden for several years. He graduated with a business degree and entered into the field of finance, retiring in 2005.

My husband and I have been blessed, we have three children between us and 6 grandchildren. (Blended marriage) Shawna Ronette, my birth daughter, is 32 and together she and Justin have 4 children. Taylor Nichole 10, Steven Westley 8, Kayla Marie 7 and Brynna Sage 5. They reside in Osage Beach, MO. My stepdaughter, Kim is 41, she has one child, Mallory Kay, who is 7. She lives in Springfield, MO. Our son, Scott Andrew , who is 35, lives with his wife Denyse (Who is Brazilian) in Glendale, CA. Together they have one son, Shay Andrew who is almost 2. They are the joy of our life.

Looking back, It seems as though we moved around the country a bit. At the time we really enjoyed moving and seeing how the rest of the world lived. We have lived in Arkansas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio and Pennsylvania. However, like a lot of people who leave for one reason or another, have returned to our roots.

We have a good life, we both like to travel and when his health permits, we travel. We have traveled to many foreign countries and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

With Godís rich blessings we will have many more years to enjoy.


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