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Most of us remember the tiny one room Public Library at the back corner of the grade school grounds.   The Librarian, Mrs. Kitchen  was so loving to the children, helping them find "Nancy Drew", the "Hardy Boys", or maybe the "Bobbsey Twins".  I still remember the smell of old books and wax because Mrs. Kitchen kept that one room "spic and span".  She knew the names of all the children.  Many went to the Library just to visit her, hanging around her desk as she worked.  Everyone was saddened when she passed away in 1960 after 14 years taking care of the Library and the children that passed through.  
Mrs. Kitchen raised a family of four-alone.  Ercell, her oldest son was President of Gideon's PTA in the 60's, he is  now deceased.  Billy and wife live in St. Charles, MO and attends Homecoming every year.  Ronnie passed away in 1976 and Dorthea lives in Las Vegas with her husband.  She has  two sons, Rick and Randy.  Randy was named after a young boy that visited Mrs. Kitchen often at the Library and was one of her favorites - Randy Ham.
Blanche Kitchen was certainly an extraordinary lady and touched many a life.

Blanche Kitchen was a 1926 graduate of Gideon High School.
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