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Julianna - 3 months old Flo Hasty's GREAT Granddaughter

Flo Hasty's GREAT Granddaughter - Julianna Chandller

Kenneth and Nancy "Walker" Meadors

Kenneth- Nancy-Brandon-Ken-Donia-Lyle (Meadors)

Autumn-Anna-Kandi (Meadors family)



Nancy-Ashley-Kenneth (Meadors)

Kade,7 and Jace, almost 3

Martha (Marty Lamar) Hand grandsons

Kade,7 and Jace, almost 3

Martha (Marty Lamar) Hand grandsons

Randal "Pee Paw" Bentley with grandson, Sawyer.

Oasis Creek Ranch, Canadian, Texas

Larry Ward with granddaughter, Lindsey - Class of '57

Gene Murphy in 1996 afer Heart Transplant - 1961 Class

Don S - 1957 Class

Don says "HI." Picture taken in hospital after his surgery 2006.

Pris - Lindy Pris Class of 1958

Cancer Survivors


Larry W and Grandchild - 1957 Class

"Make New Frineds But Keep The Old-One Is Silver The Other Gold"

A song we were taught in the 4th grade.

Linnie Gray 2007

Mary Fisher

Lena Hopkins Willard 2008

Marie Ward 2007

Kenny and Lillian Dye

Reunion 2007

Mary (Lee) Stinnett

Kenneth Hudson

Eugenia and Alex Hopkins, Joann (Allen), Marcus Hopkins, Patty (Allen) 2008

Alex Hopkins 2008

Eugena and Alex Hopkins 2008

Ben Bradshaw 2008

Candice Hopkins and daughters

John Hopkins' daughter and granddaughters 2008

GHS Favorite Shirt

After almost 50 years we notice several of our guys wearing the same or very similar shirt-We wonder how many more had one like this in their closet... just a little humor.




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