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Clinton Dale Moore


From Then To Now

After graduation Joe completed a six-month tour of duty with the Army National Guard. Following that he began the management training program with Brown Shoe Company. He completed Management Development courses at St. Louis University and Whittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. After being promoted to assistant plant manager at the Bernie plant, he was transferred to the Booneville, Mississippi plant in 1971 and became plant manager. He served as plant manager at the McKenzie, TN, Bernie, MO and Charleston, MO plants before leaving the company in 1993 completing 35 years with them. For the past 10 years he has operated his own renovation and remodeling business. He is semi-retired and enjoys bass fishing.

 Joe married Joanna Campbell in 1961. They have two grown children. Their daughter Melinda (Mrs. Chip Leake) is a middle school teacher in Franklin, TN. Melinda’s husband Chip is worship pastor at Thompson Station Church. Melinda & Chip have two sons, Christian and Noah. Their son Michael is worship pastor at Second Baptist Church in Griffin, GA. His wife, Andrea is an elementary school teacher. They have four daughters: Kansas, Katy, Kennedy, and Kimmee.

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