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Jewel Fay (Wright) Flinney


I Remember Jewel Fay ...

If you can remember any of the school plays you will surely remember the one Jewel Fay played a "Grandma."  She was hilarious.   Jewel Fay was a real friend to me.  When my first child was 3 months old she was in the hospital for 10 days with a stomach virus-several children around the community had died with this virus including 3 from our area.  I was terrified and my Mother was out of town.  Jewel Fay showed up at the hospital in Poplar Bluff and ordered Bob and me to go to bed - get some rest she would take over ... and she did.  Bob went back to work and Jewel Fay stayed with me until my Mother arrived some days later.  Now that's a friend and I will never forget her being there when I really needed someone.  Jewel Fay-Thank you and although I've not returned the favor to you I have passed it on because of you.   BB

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