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Jack Crawford

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Jack Crawford

After graduation I moved to St. Louis Mo. and started my career in Banking at the First National Bank In St. Louis where I worked for 25 years. At the Bank I met my wife to be, Carole Ann Seward and we were married on September 2, 1961. We have three children, Robin Michelle, Cory Scott & Pamela Dawn. Robin and Pam live in the St. Louis area and my son lives in Wilmington North Carolina. We have 5 grandchildren, Lauren Elizabeth 20 years old, Junior in college, Kathryn Ashley, 14, Kyle Christopher 12, Jared Halen 8 and Jackson Riley, 3, named after myself and his other grandpa.
Education: Graduate of the University Of Wisconsin, Degree in Banking.
Moved to Atlanta Georgia in October of 1984 for a career opportunity and we lived there for 16 years and happened to still be there for the 1996 Olympics. Attended several events and just barely missed the bombing that injured several people. Other than that, it was real nice to live in the Atlanta suburbs and be there when the Olympics were held.
Went to work for my current employer, BancTec Inc. headquartered in Dallas Texas in 1988 which has given me the opportunity to travel to virtually every major city in the US  and to several other countries. My position is Vice President, Strategic Accounts.  We design and build custom Hardware & Software Payment Systems for Major Banks, Credit Card Companies, Insurance, Telephone Companies and Governments throughout the world with the exception of the the Third World Countries.
Next big event will be our 45th wedding anniversary of which we plan on celebrating in Rome Italy in December of this year.


Hopefully attend another World Series if the Cardinals can get into it again.
Looking forward to attending class reunion when I can, not this year since my wedding anniversary is on Saturday Sept, 2nd and I am sure that will be the day it is held.                      Contributed by:  Jack Crawford

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Jack C - Larry L

Remembering Jack...

June 18, 2006


For Jack Crawford and his wife, Carole


In December of 2005, Dora and I were zipping down Interstate 55 in St. Louis looking for an exit that would take us to the Serbian Center–finally, the exit number was seen and down the exit we went to begin an interesting side trip before we found the Serbian Center.  It  was a loafing day trip for me, and Dora was going to the Center for a meeting regarding her work.


A wrong turn was taken and we began driving around for about 30 or 45 minutes looking for the Serbian Center but actually I was talking non stop telling her about a time many years in the past–actually August 1963! The following is a reconstruction of the story being related to Dora in 2005 about a time in 1963!


“Dora, these streets look so familiar or at least the names are familiar.  I think we are really close to where I spent a weekend in August 1963 with Jack and Carole Crawford.  Let us look around and let me tell you a story while we drive around looking–we will find the Serbian Center in time for your meeting.


I  arrived at Ritenour Senior High School  to meet a couple of buddies to begin looking for a place to live because they would be teaching at Ritenour Junior High School and I would be teaching at Hoech Junior High School.


It took much longer than expected to find a place to live and to rent a very few items to have in the apartment–table, three chairs, a couch, one chair, two lamps and maybe another item or two.  At any rate, it was Thursday and the apartment would not be ready for us until the following   Monday or Tuesday! 


Don Schnurbusch of Perryville  was going to spend the weekend with a buddy in Illinois and Neil Keeney was returning to Bourbon to the home of his parents.   I did not have a place to stay–no car–about $18 in my pocket but had a pledge from Don that he would take me to wherever I could secure a place to stay and would pick me up on Monday for the meeting of new teachers at Ritenour Senior High School.  It was getting to be about 6 pm, and we located a phone so I could call a buddy.  Got the phone book and began looking for Jack or Jackie or J Crawford–located the name Jack Crawford and made the call.  Jack answered, and I asked him if I could spend a couple of evenings with he and Carole.  The answer was sure and he asked where I was and if I needed a ride!  I said that I did not need a ride because a buddy would give me a ride to their home.


I arrived at Jack and Carole’s house with one small paper sack and one large paper sack–one had my shaving gear and the other a couple of changes of clothes.  Traveled light in those days–the two boxes with other possessions were in Neil’s car rolling toward Bourbon for the weekend.


It was sure great to see Jack and Carole, and she fixed me a snack–they recognized a weary and hungry sojourner in search of a good Samaritan!  We talked for awhile before the day came to an end!


They left early the next morning for work before I woke up–there was a note that they would see me after work.  I spent the day looking around the neighborhood–must have walked several miles looking at the city.  I had not been to St. Louis very many times–probably about five times!  It was a fun day to walk the streets of St. Louis.   


The day went quickly and soon they were home–it was a fun weekend before work began at Arthur A. Hoech Junior High School, but I have never, never, never, never forgotten the wonderful hospitality that was extended by a classmate and his wife.


Jack and Carole live somewhere in the St. Louis area, Don is in the process of moving to Texas after retiring from teaching at a college in Kanas and Neil is deceased but he had a great career at Monsanto.”


Jack and Carole–a note to say that good deeds are never forgotten–just sometimes it just takes time for an opportunity to be able to say thank you!


Our love and friendship,


Art and Dora Cole

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