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Health Report


Charles Smith - class of  '62



Pris, Last Friday my brother had a brain hemorrhage which resulted in a stroke.  The stroke resulted in paralysis of the right side of his body.  The hemorrhage was significant, about the size of a golf ball in circumference, and his initial prognosis was not good.  Incredibly he has progressed in his recovery to a point that he has regained almost all of his bodily functions including his speech capabilities in just a few days!  Please keep him in your prayers. 

 Jerry Smith class '59



Nola (Rhine) Gilkey


Nola has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Further test are being made to determine if it is malignant.  Nola is in the class of '59.  Her husband Roy passed away in February, 2007.



Cheryl Bentley


Update June, 2007

Cheryl is wife of Brett Bentley, son of Larry and Martha Bentley.

Cheryl has been on our Prayer List having been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  We just received word that Cheryl

has a clean bill of health again.



Geraldine (Carter) Ashbranner  Husband


Update July 11, 2007

Geraldine reports that her husband's reports

on lymph nodes came back negative and they

were successful in getting all the malignancy.

Update:  Friday, June 22nd

I just got off the phone with Norma Smith ---she had a call from Geraldine (Carter) Ashabranner and Norman came through his lung surgery with flying colors. The doctors assured her that they got all the cancer when they removed part of his lung and that he will NOT need any treatments!!!!!  If you want to wish him a speedy recovery here is the e-mail address.

Update: Wednesday, June 20th

Hi   Pris
Norman will have surgery on his lung Friday morning  at southeast hospital Cape Girardeau   take a 1/3 of his lung .off. It is his left lung  ...... He is doing fine...
'll keep in touch  '''   My cell phone is 573 276 8266
Thanks for  the prayers

Norma S writes 5/14/07

 I got word at church this morning that Geraldine (Carter) Ashbranner husband has lung cancer. Geraldine was in the class of '59.

  He is going to have a scan run on the 23rd. to see if there is any cancer anywhere else in his body---if not they will operate on the lung. It is a 14---what ever that is. They found this spot in 05 --it was the size of a pin head---why they didnt do something then---I dont know. If they find cancer somewhere else-then they will discuss treatments.


Jack Winton

(husband of Brenda Erwin)


Pris writes 5/14/07

I talked with Brenda (Erwin) Winton--class of '59 yesterday--her husband also has lung cancer and has just finished a series of Chemo and radiation .    He is weak---lost a lot of weight,  but coming along Brenda said. He has several Dr. appointments this month yet to see how effective his treatments were.

Roy Elam, Jr.


Roy has been diagnosed with terminal cancer


Mark Manning


Update June, 2007

Mark is the son of Wanda (Bell) Manning and Kenneth Manning.

Email Pris received from Wanda.


"Just want to say thanks for all the prayers for my son, Mark. He seems to be on the road to recovery. The treatment decided on for his cancer tumors is an injection once a month.

The tumors are very small and very slow growing and this injection will stop the growing, so he can have a normal life. No chemo or radiation is necessary. The Dr said that Mark couldn't stand another surgery.


His ribs are healing, and the incision is now starting to heal, all of his vitals are back to normal. It was a roller coaster of emotions this past week, but now it seems as if everything is going to be ok. He is still in the hospital for a few days, but should be going home to recuperate before too long.

Thanks to everyone for the emails, your thoughts and prayers.

Love to all,
Wanda "


Doyle Hargrove

(husband of Patsy Baker)


A few months ago Doyle had some serious health problems and is on our Prayer List.  Many have asked about Doyle's progress.  We're happy to let everyone know Doyle is doing very well and has returned to work.  The picture above was taken at the Class Breakfast and Planning Committee meeting

June 6, 2007.


Chelma Dockins-Jordan



 Please tell all that Mom has been back in the nursing home for a month or so and doing SO much better !  She stuck it out through two surgeries and a return trip to the hospital.  Susan reports that she is doing well. 

 I firmly believe her recovery resulted from the prayers and good thoughts from her friends and family.

  Thanks to everyone that said a prayer or sent a card or an email to Mom and Susan.





Dale Kennedy


Norma O writes 4/27/07

Classmate Dale Kennedy is

 going through radiation

treatments.  Surgery  to

remove a tumor on his

bladder was successful and

prognosis is good.  We hope

 Dale has a full recovery.

  Please remember him in your prayers. 





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