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Harold Butler

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Remembering Harold ...

"Well tickle, tickle, haha-shit"

Remembering Harold and the Butler Family

Sharon Payne Bradley
June 23, 2006
The Butler Family lived around the corner from us out on the 'Parkway Inn Road' outside Gideon.  That was the road more than not referred to as the North Farm Road owned by the Gideon Anderson Company.  The Nite Cap  Club is now in the location of the old Parkway Inn, just a different building.  Harold was known by his family as Junior.  Our families picked cotton together regularly.  Also I remember once going tent camping together with other relatives.  That would have been after crops were layed by and did not  need so much care.  What fun!   The Mom's fried potatoes and chicken over a campfire.  The dad's set up the tents, found a swimming hole for the kids.  The kids carried firewood---constantly.  Harold's father entertained us all with World War II stories just prior to bedtime.  Hair raising!  For the first time I realized the danger in a War!  At another time, Dad Payne dug a large pit in our back yard.  He placed a set of old bedsprings over a fire in the bottom of the pit and they barbecued a hog.  The women fixed slaw, bread, etc in the house and the kids played hide and seek after dark while all that was going on.  Mr. Butler, Dad Payne and the other neighbor men sat in chairs around the fire and kept some kid from running into the fire.  We also played 'Piggy wants a motion' . 

Quite often in life, someone makes a trivial happening into a major ordeal just not worth the attention.  Our neighbor on the farm back in the old days, Harold Butler, used to tell his brothers and sister in that kind of situation, 'well, tickle, tickle, ha ha, shit'.  I quote him at least once a month, most of the time under my breath.  I did not know he was deceased 'til I read it here on this site.  His brothers?  David, Bobby and sis Judy????  SB

Does anyone else remember Harold always looking for a dog that "walked on it toes?"  He wanted to race it.  He must have been looking for a greyhound dog-most of us didn't know dogs came in any brand (breed) except Heinz 57...  Bonnie B

Our 10 Year Class Reunion was Friday, December 26, 1969, in Gideon.  Harold, Art and perhaps a couple of other classmates  were unmarried at that time, but Art was going to get married the next day, December 27, 1969. 


 To complete the memorable fun filled evening, a basketball game was held in the Old Gym–once we young and could run the length of a gym floor!  During the course of the game, a pass was not received correctly by Art which resulted in the second knuckle on the ring finger of the left hand being severely jammed.  The Eagle Eye of Harold noticed the injury, and he began to really tease Art a bunch–declared it was a warning to him to postpone  the wedding scheduled for the next day!  Offered to call Dora  to either postpone or forever cancel the wedding!  Art declined the gracious offer of Harold, but the evening came to a close with final teasing remarks from him.


The next day–December 27–at a farm house near Shook–Dora could not get the ring past the first knuckle of the ring finger during the Ceremony–finally after several attempts and gasps from the audience–Dora quit trying and the minister proceeded with the remainder of the Wedding Ceremony. 


During the Reception, Art was able to finally to get the ring past the knuckle!


 Art and Dora have been married 36 years, but the humor of Harold and the attempt to place the ring on the finger during the Ceremony have been recalled at every Anniversary Celebration!


Thanks for the memory, Harold!  ...   Art Cole

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