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Glenn Arron James


Senior Class Vice President


From Then To Now

Our class received information that Glenn passed away in 1995 from Pneumonia.  Glenn was the last member of his immediate family.  His mother, father and brother Gary proceeded him in death.


We appreciate Glenn's former sister-in-law, Dorthea for providing us with some information on Glenn's life after graduation.


Glenn moved to California around 1960 and lived with his aunt and uncle in Garden Grove.  Later his parents moved there and Glenn lived with them.  He was attending college part time and dating a young lady for a quite a while.  They eventually parted and Glenn quit college and begin working full time and saving is money.  He bought a Condo and a Neighborhood Liquor Store.  After his parents died he sold the store and condo and moved to Phoenix, AZ.  In Phoenix he started a Pizza business and was doing very well until his untimely death in 1995.


Glenn will be missed by the Class of "59, he was one of the class leaders and his contributions helped make the class successful in everything we did.  Glenn wanted to go to Cuba on our Senior Trip so we started early earning money for the trip.  The Cuba Crisis prevented any further thought of Cuba so we set our sight on Florida which we achieved by many fund raisers.  We often borrowed a car with a loud speaker on top from the owner of a theatre.  Glenn would drive and with the car piled full we would go to all the neighboring towns announcing which ever fund raiser we were working on.  We raised so much money we were able to take our trip and another day trip or two and donate money to the school.  Glenn was an organizer.


Glenn was also very talented, he played the piano beautifully and was one of the pianist for the choir.

Thank you Glenn for sharing your early years with us, we won't forget you.


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