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Gisemo Herald School Paper


Gisemo Herald

Vol.1 Number 3

December 19, 1958

Gisemo Herald

Vol. 1 Number 10

May 19, 1959

Last paper by class of 1959

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Page 1

1.Honor Students Announced

2.Honor Society Elects Members

3.Wrestling Program Big Success

4.Announcement Program

5.Industrial Arts Students At Cape Meet.

6.Juniors Host Seniors At Banquet-Prom

7.Miss Campbell Wins Watch.


Page 2

1.What Senior Year Has Meant To Me

2.The Persons Who Have Influenced My Education.

3.Gisemo Herald Staff


Page 3

1.Gideon High Band Finish Busy Year.

2.Mrs. Wallace Is Honored With 1st Yearbook


Page 4

1.Senior Trip Of 1959

2.Home Nursing Pins Given By Red Cross


Page 5

1.Last Will And Testament by 1959 Senior Class.

2.New President Gideon P.T.A. Named.

3.Senior Boys Are Guest Of Kiwanis Club.

4.Gideon High Seniors.


Page 6

1.Inside Story Of Senior Trip.

2.What Seniors Plan After Commencement

3.Senior Picnic At Sam Baker Park.

4.Principal Will Become Supt. Of Wardell Schools


Page 7

1.Class History

2.Real School Spirit Defined


Page 8

1.Class Prophecy

2.See You At The Dance

3.Powers Kustom Kar

4.Third and Fourth Gideon Seniors In Scholarship.










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