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Why Gisemo?

1945 was the year Gideon published the first year book.

The faculty asked each student to submit their choice of a name

for the new yearbook.  The winning name GISEMO

was submitted by a junior Lila June McClure.


GI - Gideon

SE - South East

MO - Missouri



The School Year of 1944-45 was unlike any before or any since.  

World War II was being fought all over the globe.  


Normandy Invasion June, 1944, the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944 reports horrified the public in  movie news reels, newspaper,  and radio. 


It is no wonder some of Gideon's Students left their classmates to serve their country before the school year was over.  The 1st Yearbook was dedicated to these students and all the classmates in the war - Also to  the graduation class of 1945  You can read the heartfelt dedication by clicking the link below.



1945 Gisemo Staff


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Forward and Dedication


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1959 Gisemo




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"Sentimental Journey"

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