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Gateway To A Bit Of History

A wonderful pictorial of

Gideon's History with music. 

In flash format, should load

quickly.  Created by Doyne

and Norma Baker.  DVD copies

available, contact Doyne or Norma.



"In Loving Memory of

Larry D. Lance"

A beautiful pictorial of Larry and his

 family's life together.



Dennis Crowell

Memory Album

A Picture says a thousand words and

Carolyn "Pattillo" Crowell has said it all

in this wonderfully created Memory Album

for Dennis.  We're pleased to share it with

you and also apologize that the computerized

album does not do justice to the real thing. 

Individual pictures will also be on Dennis

Crowell's personal page. 




The Snack Bar in the 50's

A pictorial remembrance of a

10 year love affair between the

Pool's and the kids. 



Gideon Centennial


This video was created by Dickie Smith

Class of 1955 for the Alumni Association of

Gideon, MO.  The original was VHS and

has been converted for the internet - so the

original quality is better than this video.  Dickie did an

outstanding job giving us a preview of the very early

Gideon days.  A lot of movie clips and  history included. 

Exceptionally interesting is the movie clips of our

school, students and activities in the 1940's.




No one can play the 50's better than

these 3 Greats.  Turn you volume up

and enjoy the music we grew up with.











Graduation 1959

This movie is 50 years old so the quality is not

great but it has a lot of good pictures of many

of the graduates.  The movie was made by

Tom Bradshaw in a dark auditorium with a

 light in one hand while holding the movie

camera with the other hand.  It's a wonderful

memory of that moment in time..



Senior Trip ~ April 25, 1959

Our Senior Prom was the night before.

You will see us trying to sleep in any

position.  Don't you wish we were that

flexible today.



Sandy and Nancy Dancing

This short video was filmed in 2004

after the Homecoming.  You can see

the "Old Gals" still have it.  The cartoon type

video shows their movement more than the

standard video.



Class of 1958 50th Reunion

Memory Video

The is a wonderful remembrance of the

class of 1958.  Nice pictures of Teachers

and class members of "then and now."

Video created by Darrell and Savanah

"Randolph" Hargraves.



Graduation Day

2008 Reunion

This is a video of the Class of '58 Reunion

starting with the Saturday morning reception through

the dinner and program Saturday night.  It's a fun

video with great candid shots.  Because of the

length I have divided it into it's 4 chapters so you

can view them separately.  Click on the Chapter you

wish to view.  Video created by Kenneth Meadors,

husband of Nancy Walker, class of 1958.  Again,

I apologize that the internet version lacks the

quality of the original.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4