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Gail "Randy " Johnson

10th Grade


Personal Memorial Page

From Then To Now

Biography of  Randall (GAIL)  Johnson

 Born February 22,1941,at Frisbee, Mo.  Brother of Myron Johnson class of 1956.  Son of

Tona & Ruth Johnson He was the youngest of eight children.  He attended Gideon

 School from 1951-1958-59. He passed away on January 9,2007.  In 1961 he married Linda Diamond in St. Louis, Mo,  They had two daughters Rita and Cheryl and four grandchildren.  Brandy, Jordy, Felicia and Jamie.  He was a buyer for Gateway Promotions, Assistant manager for Arthur Brother Theatres that owned the Fox, St.Louis, and the Ambassador and several others.  He worked for Savemart Furniture in Collinsville, Ill. He was a manager for them for several years before he moved back to Qulin, Mo. In 1975 and opened up Qulin Discount Furniture & Appliance. He closed that store in 1997 he went to work for Emerson Electric as a over the road trucker until he had a heart attack in August , 2001. Shortly after that he had a hemorrhage of the brain and other complications.  He was never able to return to work.                                                                                                                                                

He never forgot his years at Gideon , Mo or the friends and classmates he went to school with. He told his wife many stories  about those years.  One in particular was Monty Adams dad had just got a tractor.  Monty and Gail raced on their dad's tractors when Monty wrecked his dad's tractor.  He spoke of  Jerry (smoky) Beasley, Linda Ramage Cohen and her family and many others. 

 Jess LeCrory and Gail were friends and saw each more after he left Gideon than most of his classmates.  We saw Charles and Sondra Johnson, Norma Orton Baker, Biven Watson and his brother Lester and many others. Gail was only able to attend one class meeting before he passed away but enjoyed it tremendously.  Thanks to everyone who visited him and sent cards or emails after they were aware of his illness.  Especially Doyne and Norma Baker , Jess LeCrory, Charles and Sondra Johnson, Linda Ramage Cohen, and Art Cole.


By Linda  Johnson his widow



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