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Flora Jane (Hasty) Hutto


From Then To Now

Florah Jane Hasty

My life began in the Ole Cotton Fields in the Bootheel of Missouri. My family moved from Catron, MO to Gideon in 1950, fourth grade. The most important part of my development was learning that Half Mile Rows with a nine foot SACK along with hard work and determination built character that can’t possibly be duplicated today. Up at dawn and worked until dark, five and ˝ days a week during Cotton Choppin’ and Cotton Pickin’. Good honest days work at $3.00 for every one hundred pounds of cotton you picked. It bought school clothes, supplies and most important was that my parents insisted that I buy Government Savings Bond’s.

I got married early and started a family. I have three children all of which is now middle aged, and is the greatest and most rewarding achievement I have done in my life.

My son Brent is Safety Director at the Federal Correction Institute in Marianna, FL. I have a great daughter-in-law, Shelly, who works as manager at the branch Regions Bank in Blountstown, FL. They have my only wonderful grandson, Christopher.

My daughter Gina is Assistant to the City Manager and works with Commercial Loans for Regions Bank in Marianna, FL.  She has a good guy Benny who is a draftsman for a Sprinkler Company, and also does blueprints for private home builders. She is noted as the favorite aunt.

Lisa my youngest daughter is the Office Manager of a Chiropractic Clinic in Marianna, FL. She is the mother of my two lovely granddaughters, Christina and Hillary. Christina just got married to a very nice guy named Jack.

My career in the work place started in 1959, I worked for a short time for Dunn and Bradstreet in Middletown, NY, typing 8 hours a day, thanks to Mrs. Mae Wallace her teachings stuck. In 1960 I moved back to Mo. and worked at the Gossard Manufacturing Plant in Malden, MO.

I moved to Florida in 1969, and started working for VF Intimates in Graceville, FL in 1971. All my training and education was supplied by VF. I worked as a Trainer of new hires for 3 years, and transferred to Engineering in 1974. I worked as an Industrial Engineer, in Graceville, FL until 1985. Transferred to Monroeville, AL, and worked in the Administrative Staff Engineering division and was Supervisor of Product Specification. I traveled occasionally to McAllen, TX, to the offices for our off shore operations and also traveled into Mexico on rare trips when our company first started building manufacturing plants in Mexico. I worked in Monroeville until 1994. I transferred to Robertsdale, AL for 1 ˝ years as Staff Engineer. I traveled to Mexico in 1995 to help train staff members of the Mexican manufacturing plants to produce our products with good quality and low cost. Due to the reconstruction of the Departments and labor moving off shore, I was transferred to New York City as Design Engineer in 1996, and moved to Atlanta, GA in 1997. I transferred back to Monroeville, AL as Certification Engineer in 2000. I trained Engineers from Mexico and traveled to Mexico frequently. I retired in 2003 after 32 years with VF Intimates, sold my home in Alabama and bought a home in Marianna, FL where my children and grandchildren call home.  

 My grandchildren are giving me reasons to act young again, and nobody cares how we behave and what we do. Come to think about it I do see them shaking their heads a lot, like – “let them go they aren’t really hurting any one”.

 The most unforgettable teacher Mrs. Ruth Day, which all of us agree and can remember a story from her teaching, is looking down on us today and saying, “ I helped in some way form and develop the minds of all those fine people that came out of Gideon High School, and most notable the class of 1959”.

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