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Doyne Baker

11th Grade

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From Then To Now

Everyone’s life is governed from choices made by us or by others that will become building blocks to your future.
I was born in Gideon on the main street in a house that was moved in 1948 to build the Wilcoxson Furniture Store. It is now the Campbell Furniture Store.


I was delivered by Dr. Ellis. Dr. Ellis wore many hat’s, he was an MD, Lawyer, Licensed Surveyor. I feel that his favorite occupation was in a little shop next door to the El Morocco Club where he repaired TV’s and Radios. He made his own Medicines; one of his favorites was Potash. Potash today is used as a fertilizer. I suppose that is why so many of us today are known as being full of “fertilizer”.  Some people claim my “fertilizer” retention is excellent.
I attended Gideon School until 1949. My parents divorced and my mother moved us to St. Louis. That year I changed schools three times between St. Louis and Gideon. Because of these choices made for me I fell behind and that was the year I joined the class noted as 1959. That put me in the same class as my half sister Patty Street, which eventually we became good friends. The next couple of years I attended other schools in St. Louis but I always seemed to return to the friendly confines of Gideon. My senior year I made the choice of returning back to St. Louis and graduated from Cleveland High.
After graduation I began my working career. I worked at the G. M. Company as an assembler, at Goodyear as an auto mechanic, and three separate companies as a journeyman machinist. I even worked as a bookkeeper. The best choice I made was in 1975 when I accepted a job at The Ford Motor Company. I started as a welder, and ended my career as a Mechanical Engineer. I worked hard for Ford and in return Ford was good to me. It gave me the opportunity to live well, travel, and now I can enjoy a great retirement.
My most rewarding choice was having the privilege of meeting and marrying my wife Pat, “talk about luck”. We have been married for 47 years. We have two sons, and three grandchildren.
Our oldest son, Doyne, III lives in St. Charles, MO. He works with abused children. He has my only granddaughter Natalie, age 11. 


My youngest son, Kenneth lives in St. Charles, MO. He is a computer Analyst, working for Emerson Electric. He has my two grandsons, Kenneth Jr. age 19, who is 6’7” tall, and Justin, age 17, who is 6’4”, which makes my 5’7” really short.
 I have now retired and moved back to the “Dirt Roads” area where everything began. We live on the Lake Wappapello. My back door opens up to the Lake. We have two boats. One used as a fish control vessel, and a pontoon made for leisurely reading “educational material”, and napping.
I care very much for my class. It appears that the people from class 1959, has become very good and productive citizens. I hope the people that read the bios of our class will appreciate the struggles and the triumphs of what the “KIDS” from a little town in Southeast Mo., called Gideon went through to become what they are today.
Always remember Gideon Anderson may have started the town but the people made it.
Mr. Lyman Huckeby stands out as being my most influential teacher.

July 22, 2006


Doyne's Photo Album

That's me - Doyne

Grandmother's house in Gideon

That's me a little older

My Family - Pat and boys

"Two old dogs"

With sister Barb

My Grandmother - Lillian Baker

My Father in 1943

My father hard at work

My father's old pool hall. Now Bonnie's Place.

Barb and me with cousins and 101 yr. old 2nd cousin.

My Grandfather (Dad's Father)

John Grimes 1850's

My G-G-Grandfather

Mary Grimes

My G-G-Grandmother

G Club

That's me on the end

Dr. Ellis - Doctor that delivered me.

Drive Inn maybe?

Ice storm

Nancy and Sandy

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