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Donald Blackwood

Read Don's Writing "Class of 1959"

From Then To Now


After graduation I bummed around for three years working at several jobs. I worked at Gideon-Anderson for six weeks as a butcher. Then went to Chevrolet in St. Louis, next I worked at the Missouri Pacific Railroad in the office and at Reground crankshafts in Malden.


In 1962 I married Judy McMunn from Malden, MO and farmed for the next twenty years. In 1966 I moved to Halls, Tennessee, to farm. In


1981 I put in a salvage yard in Ripley, Tennessee. 1988 I added a tire business until I retired in 2003.

I have one daughter, Kristen married to Dickey Deaton. We have two grandchildren, Seth who is sixteen, and Brenna, thirteen.

After retiring we moved to the country next to our grandchildren. I thought I was retired, but I found out we have a full time job entertaining grandchildren. We pick them up from school, take them back to tennis and volleyball practice, ball games, friends houses, chase their horses......... I'M HAVING A BALL!!!

Don's Photo Album



Don and Judy


Kristen and Dickey                      Seth and Brenna



"Tennessee Waltz"

I remember Don ...


I saw Don at the class reunion 2006 for the first time in 40+ years.  It's funny how the 40 year gap closes and you're talking with your old friend again in the kind of conversation you would have had on the bus going to a school event.  Don reminded me that I had taught him to dance on the ferry crossing at Reelfoot Lake going to a Senior Picnic.  He said I told him it was easy, "just count 1-2-3-4 and make a box" and he added, "that how I still dance today."   Oh, well!  He should have asked someone else to teach him.  I never was a good dancer.  Donald may have had poor lessons in dancing but he was quite a musician.  This is an album Don gave me years ago.   Just click to view the covers front and back.  Bonnie B.



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