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Dollie (Kifer) Landis

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From Then To Now

Dollie Kifer

I attended the Gideon Schools until my Junior year when my folks bought a business in Clarkton, Missouri, across from the Clarkton High School.  I moved to St. Louis, Missouri my Senior year and graduated from Soldan High School.  Gideon people seem to show up everywhere because Doyle Breedlove and I were in the same graduating class at Soldan High.

My life has been full and by the grace of God I have survived two marriages, counseling six kids (five boys & one girl) as they slowly matured, and the pleasure of spoiling one Grandson.

I've lived in hotels, duplexes, government quarters, apartments, and houses; and have worked from my home, in a discount store, two restaurants, and numerous offices.

I currently work as a secretary at Fort Sam Houston which is an Army Post in San Antonio, Texas.  I plan to retire June 30. 2007.

When I’m not at my job I love to  garden, sew, paint, crochet, work with wood and clay, make jewelry & dolls, and my favorite is serving as greeter and member of God's church.

After retiring I plan to spend more time on my hobbies and just enjoy life.

I enjoy my holidays spent with my children, and vacations with my friends.

 It is so good to be in touch with my Gideon friends again.  Flo found my name on classmates.com and emailed me about the class breakfast and alumni dinner (2005).  I was very excited because I had been trying to find Janice Bell for years and finally found her by coincidence through an email from Flo.  The email had Wanda “Bell” Manning’s email address and after emailing her I was able to get in touch with Janice.  Janice was at the class breakfast and it was super seeing her again after so many years.

 I plan on coming to the class breakfast and reunion this year (2006) and look forward to seeing and getting re-acquainted with many more of my classmates that were not there last year. 

 My favorite teacher was Mr. Horine.  I’m sure he was a favorite to many of us.                    

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