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Do You Know These GHS Graduates?

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The Missing W's

Don't you love old photographs?  But it can be frustrating when you don't know the 4 basic W's of Journalism - Who-What-Where-When.  We know 2 of the W's.  What-GHS Graduating Class; Where-Gideon School, Gideon, MO.  We don't know Who or When.


We put on our Sherlock cap and did a little snooping.  We determined these elementarily facts.

  1. The photo is old - you can tell because it looks old (duh!) and the men are wearing lapel flowers (who does that anymore?) and their suits are wrinkled (pre-polyester.)  Just elementarily.

  2. The women, not in cap and gowns, are dressed funny (pre-Vogue.)

  3. The car in the rear is parked by the 3rd grade- Mrs. Beavers- classroom in 1950.  The only person we know who parked there was J.W. Lumbeck (when he drove the car to school in the 3rd grade.)  We don't remember seeing J.W. driving this car so our deduction is it's not J.W.'s but a 1927 Model T-maybe the same one hoisted on top of that very building by the football team of 1929-30.  The car is a vital part in our deductions, second being, age of car.  Since few people in Gideon drive new cars, it can only be assumed that the date of the picture was after 1927.  Elementarily!

  4. Now for the graduates.  We count 16 graduates -  8 boys, 8 girls.  Checking the records on this website in "Our School", the Who's Who section-we find only 1 class that graduated 16 students with 8 boys and 8 girls.  It was the class of 1935.   Simply Elementarily.  Let us hear from you.  Does anyone know for sure the year of these graduates?  Class of 1935 below.


Herschell Love
Thomas Adair
Walter Macum
Richard Eldridge
Ray Oliver
Arkell Thomas
Bruce T. Wheeler
Joyce Weston
Laurie Tucker
Louise Nickens
Mary Patter
Anna Lee Hunter
Fred Waddle
Virginis Estes
Bertie McClure
Vivian Davidson

Update 8-4-2008

A new photograph on the website has made us rethink the date of the Graduating Class above.  We are certain the date of this new photograph is 1922 and the similarities of the teachers, clothing and background are substantial.  We now wonder if the picture above was either the same year or a year closer than 1935.


"Cheek To Cheek"

Most popular song in 1935.  On the charts for 11 weeks.

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