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Dirt Roads-

written by Lee Pitts

broadcast by Paul Harvey

Dirt Roads-

by Loree (Mason) O’Neil


We have so many talented classmates we are devoting

this page to them..  You will never know what you will

find until you click.  Each click brings a new dimension

to growing up in the Bootheel of Missouri

... A little town called Gideon.



Gideon Notables


Stories To My Grandkids -

Hogging Catfish

Bird and Bess

Ole Gray and Ole Jim

The Rooster Fight

by Doyle Breedlove

Missouri Bootheel

by Joanna "Campbell" Moore.

The Pool Hall Philosopher-

by Art Cole

My Home -

composition by

Billy Walker reprinted from book "GRACIOUS."

Collection of Poems and Writings -

by Randall Bentley

Dirt Roads - Our Common Past -

by Phyllis "Russell" Glass

A Farmer's Daughter in the 50's -

by Patsy "Baker" Hargrove

Class of 1959 -

by Donald Blackwood




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