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Class of 1963 - 1st Grade - 1951

This photo was sent in by Catherine Grimes.  She writes that she believes this was a 1st grade class in 1951 but doesn't remember why they were holding dolls-even the boys.

Catherine names some of the ones in the group as Diane Dell,  Peggy Pitts, Johnny Faith, Dennis Cahill, Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Bell, Deanna Bartlett, Linda Tolbert, and the Graham girls.  Catherine is in the middle of the front row with the gingham dress.

If you can identify yourself or recognize someone please send us an email.  Do anyone remember the occasion and why the dolls?  Email:  class@gideonseniors1959.com


Class of 1961

This picture was sent by Phillip Dixon by way of Larry Hicks and Pris.   Will someone email us the information on this picture - year and event.  Is this a Senior Trip picture?  All classes are enjoying the old pictures so please send your old pictures regardless of your graduating year.  You can email them to class@gideonseniors1959.com

Senior Prom 1961

Couldn't resist adding this picture.  You'll recognize some of the guys in the picture above-in more comfortable attire.


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