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Carroll Lee Randolph


Buddy's Photo Album

Buddy and family - December 2008

Remembering Buddy ...

Sometimes you just have to be there and this was one of those times. You remember that Buddy's best friend was Carroll and Buddy's name is Carroll-now how many Carroll's do you know.  Buddy lived in the country and Carroll was a frequent guest.  One hot summer day I was sitting in a lawn chair watching the cars go by on Main Street-you know, the street with the stoplight.  I heard clomp, clomp and even for Gideon horses coming down Main Street was not an every day sight-pack of dogs maybe but not horses.  Well, that's not what turned my giggle box upside down, it was these 2 almost 6 foot guys riding ponies.  Riding is an overstatement because they had to hold their feet and legs up to keep them from dragging the payment.  It was more of a hippity-hop walk straddling the little pony-poor ponies.  They stopped to talk while the ponies grazed our lawn.  They said they had ridden them all the way from Buddy's house, which I found hard to believe but...would these two lie? ...Naw      BB

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