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Carl Oscar Graves

Senior Class Sponsor


I Remember Mr. Graves ....

Mr. Graves was one of my favorite high school teachers.  He had confidence in our class and he had confidence in me-which was a rarity in those days.  He was so funny.  I'm not sure how many children he and his wife had but seems like they had one a year, (total count ended at 4).   He was so tall and skinny, his shirts were very full on him and he joked they were his wife's maternity tops.  I ask him once what was he going to do with all those kids and he said "just love them and feed them."  He was so laid back, he was born too soon, today he would have been the hero on any campus-he was a hero to many of us in the 50's.  Mr. Graves was a diabetic and suffered kidney failure at the end.  When he died he had taught his classes and afterwards drove to Little Rock and checked himself in the hospital.  His wife thought he was going for a routine check up but afterwards she felt he knew his condition was more serious.  The irony was my own husband was a diabetic and had kidney failure many years later so I know the courage Mr. Graves had to keep on going to the end.   He was a real trooper and a good friend as well as a teacher. Bonnie B

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