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Brenda (Nail) Walton

From Then To Now

After graduation I married Larry Little-a classmate.  We have one son, Larry, Jr. and 2 grandchildren.

I went to work for a small manufacturing company named Missouri Tread Products.  I started out as a clerk typist and worked my way up through every job in the company.  I finally landed in sales, which was a good opportunity for me since few women are in this particular industry.  The company sold in 2004 to an Alabama company and I continue to work  for the new company – which gives me 45 years in this industry.  I now work out of my home in St. Peters, Missouri.

 I married Larry Walton (Buddy’s brother) in 1984.  Our main hobby is the Corvette Club, which we really enjoy.  We have traveled in our corvette out west and to Canada.

 We also enjoy my two grandchildren, Chelsea, 15 and Evan, 8 since their recent move from Wisconsin to St. Peters.

 I always look forward to our yearly school class reunion/homecomings.  I will be at the class breakfast September 2nd.  See you there.

 Brenda “Nail” Walton


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