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William Royce Walker












Bill's only child Katy has Prader-Willi Syndrome.  Purchase the book  Gracias and find out more about Bill's adventurous life, his love for Katy and the struggles with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Bill's Photo Album

  1st Grade Kenneth-Bill-Larry Bill-Kenneth

Kenneth Meadors

Brother Larry and Bill

Trying out

Christmas gift.

Bill the Jazz Pionist


Bill with his Mother Frankie

and Brother Larry.

Graduation from Drury College

May 13, 1965




Gideon High School




Remembering Billy...

I have many great memories of Billy that, without knowing at the time, would be an example of who he was to become in his successful career and life.  I recently told Mr. Henry (our 6th grade teacher,)  I remember him either reading to us or playing word and number games with us the hour after lunch.  I hated the number games because Billy would answer before the rest could put the numbers on paper.  Mr. Henry sometimes stopped giving them out to the class and shot numbers at Billy to add up in his head .  Frankly, I preferred Mr. H.  reading "Little Britches" while we laid our heads on our desk.


Billy and I debated in class the Little Rock Segregation-Integration Crisis going on in 1957-58.  I felt very sure he was wrong but I wasn't expecting his strategy- he started quoting the Bible-well, in  the Boothill Bible Belt quoting the bible was like writing it in stone-it had to be right.  Naturally, interpretation was never questioned and a scripture stood alone regardless of the text it was taken from.  He caught me off-guard and left me speechless with no rebuttal.  Right or wrong Billy was a convincing debater for any opponent. 

My last real visit with Billy was when he stopped by my parents home right before leaving for Spain.  He was so excited-this trip would be only one of his many future travels in foreign countries.  BB

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