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Don't You Love Old Pictures!


Thank you Carolyn Johnson Dell class of '62,

for sharing these wonderful old pictures.

Be sure to click to see the large version.


First picture is the 1929 Gideon High School

Graduating Class.  Carolyn's father W.H. (Houston) Johnson is the handsome young man in the middle.

Houston was Salutatorian of his class.


Second picture is Houston in his football suit.


Third picture is the Graduation Commencement of the class of 1929.


Fourth picture is the 8th grade class of 1922.  Carolyn's mother Consada (Eldridge) Johnson is the pretty little miss with the "X" under her picture.  Consada graduated from GHS in the class of 1930 and was also the Salutatorian on her class.  Next four pictures are the Johnson Oil Company, Garage and Car Wash.  Of course you recognize Houston in the Parts Shop.

Those were the days you could drive in and say "fill 'er up,"  and would get your windows cleaned, oil and tires checked all for $.25 a gallon.


The last picture is of an unknown GHS Graduating Class.  We've compared it with the 1922 picture and find many similarities. 






Picture above is 1929 Football Team.

Doyle Wilhelm holding the football is the father of Connie Wilhelm Spears class of '56.  Please send us an email if you can identify anyone else in the picture.  Possibilities are Houston Johnson, Bryon Sharp and Cecil Reed.

More pictures, thanks to Carolyn: We've added more pictures:  Class of 1930 and 1929 Football team with names. 

Grandma ... Really?


She doesn't look like a Grandma

...but she is ...now.


Martha (Marty Lamar) Hand is the proud Grandmother of these two handsome young men named Kade and Jace.  Grandma was 12 years old in the school picture of 1954-55.

Marty writes ...

"Bonnie, you can't imagine how often I look at the GHS 1959 website.
After seeing Larry Ward, Randall Bentley and Jerry Caulder with the grandchildren, thought I'd send a pix of "my beauties".

Kade was 7 on August 4th and Jace will be 3 in November."


August, 2007





Who is this cute little fella?





He graduated in 1959.  He once did cart wheels down the corridor of a Trade Winds motel in Biloxi, MS.  His friends call him "Smokey"  If you still don't know go to Old Photos II


1st Grade

Bill Hicks

Class of 1956



I understand you are the one that's developed this site. It's wonderful! I really enjoy it. I still haven't made my way thru all of it. The Class of '59 is on the ball.


If it's not too much to ask please post my picture along side the picture of Gary Toole in the photo section II. I'm not vain it's just memories. It would mean a lot to me. After graduating in 1956 we failed at our attempts to get a job, even tried St. Louis. With those fields of cotton  looming before us we decided to join the Air Force.



Dale Taylor was going to go with us but changed his mind. We were sent to Jefferson Barracks Induction Center in St. Louis on August 28, 1956 where we were processed and sworn into the Air Force. On August 29,


1956 we left on a train for Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas for basic training. I never regretted joining the Air Force and enjoyed my tour. As far as I Know Gary did too.


Thanks very much.

Bill Hicks

Carl Blanchard

(class of 1956)


Fri 7/27/2007 

Thought you would be interested in an update on Carl Blanchard . He had heart bypass surgery yesterday.  You will recall that Carl and his wife Barb put together the program for our Class of '56 50th Class reunion.

I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers and any cards you may wish to send his way.  His home address is:

268 North Lake Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701

Larry Sharp

Hugh Williams



Tribute To Hugh Williams - click

Class  of 1952

Classmate's Son Deployed To Iraq

Sgt. Kenneth "Ken" Ockel, son of Art and Pat "DeProw" Ockel will leave July 29, 2007 for Iraq.  Kenneth is a graduate of Dexter High School and Murray College, with a degree in Agri-Business.  He is a Sergeant in the Missouri National Guards, 735th  and was called to duty April, 2007.  His unit will be the guards for convoys. 


Pat and Art asked that we remember the 735th in our prayers as well as their son, Kenneth. 

Classmate's Granddaughter is

Gideon's 2007 Salutatorian

Brittney Mady has earned the title of Salutatorian of Gideon High School for 2007.  Brittney has lived with her Grandmother, Alice "DeProw" Dorfamal and step-Grandfather since the death of her mother 13 years ago.  Grandmother Alice is a 1959 graduate of Gideon High School.  Congratulations Brittney and good job Alice - we know you're proud of her.


Introducing Jerry and Carol's new Grandson Elliot Michael Caulder

Proud Grandpa writes:

Elliot Michael Caulder arrived 7/17/07 at 10:30 pm. Weighting in at 5lbs 16 inches. Even though he's a month early both he and Mom are doing well. Poor Julia spent over 60 days in the hospital but the end result certainly justified the pains she endured.
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 5:14 PM

Jerry and Carol Caulder in California with grandson Charlie.




Jerry and Carol are jetting back and forth to California helping

son Mike care for Charlie while daughter-in-law, Julia is in the hospital expecting their 2nd son.  Julia has a rare condition that requires hospitalization and has been hospitalized for over 30 days.  With the good medical care Julia is receiving, she and baby should do fine. Please keep the Caulder family in your prayers.

More from the Bentleys...


…Ona & Denita (Our daughter) are out here at the ranch picking the wild plums and making jelly...great stuff on a hot biscuit…RB1

...Found this baby rabbit while mowing behind the tractor barn...his four siblings were bigger than he was...he was the runt of the bunch...they all ran off into the woods...but little "Streak" here just ran up and sat in plain sight by the barn...I caught him so Sawyer (Our grandson) could get to know him for a couple of hours...was the cutest thing...had a sliver of a white streak on his forehead...Sawyer  and I very reluctantly put him back in the stave pile near where I'd been seeing his mother...pretty sure their nest was beneath that pile of fencing staves...Love, RB1     PS...the above happenstance didn't enlarge my bank account...but is the very reason that I am out here.   Just doesn't get any better than that...Sawyer wanted to keep Little Streak so, but knew that Streak's mother was worried and waitin' for him to come home.   *Not sure who gets the most out of this one, Old Pee Paw or Sawyer...maybe a draw.


Another proud GHS Grandpa


Meet "Pee Paw".  and Grandson Sawyer.  You may remember him by Randall Bentley.  This picture taken at  Oasis Creek Ranch...Canadian, Texas.  Who said retirement isn't wonderful.  It is for Randall and Ona.


Do you know this proud GHS Grandpa?


We'll give you a hint.  He graduated in the class of '57.  He has one older brother, and a younger brother and sister, all graduates of Gideon High School.  Another hint?  Look closely and if you remember his Dad you will see a striking resemblances.  If you haven't guessed by now you can find the answer under this picture in "Just Photos"


Grandpas and Grandmas send us a picture of you and your grandchild or great-grandchild.


We want to see it.

Good Information From Ray Holifield '56

March, 2007

Just to make you more informed


During the last three months I have not worked because I was ill.  I  had a small stroke that was not big enough to see with older style machines that were and are still being used to scan for brain damage in over 75% of all hospitals in the USA.  The exam was run on three old machines at two separate hospitals. None of the three showed any problem.


I kept insisting and even "pissing off" some doctors that continued to misdiagnose my condition. I had the doctors do an MRI test.  It was newer equipment and more expensive but, it showed I had a stroke.


Medical doctors are just people. Take charge of your medical situation because sometimes doctors forget how to be professional. Some doctors are more concerned with how many patients they can see or how many tests they can run so they can make more money.  Most doctors focus on money instead of their patients condition.  When you need or have to have any testing done, you need to be very careful because sometimes doctors will tell you they never received your test results, your test got lost, or they mixed your test with someone else's.


I say be aware if you want to continue to live. I am working, ok, and doing fine.


Ray Holifield

P.O. Box 360

Giddings, Texas 78942

Nurse Jeanne Littell.

 Early 1960's


Pris and Ron

Celebrating 36th Wedding Anniversary

July 31, 2007


Porter and Dolly

Background music is " Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff"  Recorded by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton. 

Most of us seniors can remember our early days of  television, watching Dolly and Porter on one of our three channels.   If you have an urge to watch Dolly and Porter, this site will take you to several streaming videos of their shows.  The quality is good.  Seeing Porter's outfits again is worth the effort. 



  "Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff"

Larry Woolverton Honored by FSA

Class of '58




Do You Remember 

Gideon-Anderson Style Shows?


In the late 40's and early 50's Gideon-Anderson

presented Style Shows or Fashion Shows to display their seasonal clothing line.  The models were local people including a lot of youth and children except Rachael and Andréa.  The show was produced by Mrs. Carl Anderson and her daughter Rachael .  Rachel brought a friend, Andréa (pronounced On-dre-ah) who was a fashion model in St. Louis as was Rachel.  The Style Show was big excitement for a small town like Gideon and people came from other towns to see the newest fashions.  The show took place in GA clothing store which is now a part of IGA.

Catherine Grimes sent an old newspaper clipping of one of the Style Shows which would have been in the early 50's.  I'm sure there's some photographs out there so send us a copy so we can display it.


Dr. Caulder In The News


'Father of Agricultural Biotechnology' to speak at Southeast commencement
Wednesday, May 2, 2007

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- Dr. Jerry Caulder, a
Southeast Missouri State University alumnus who is often referred to as the "Father of Agricultural Biotechnology," will speak at commencement exercises at 2 p.m. May 12 in the Show Me Center at Southeast Missouri State University.
Caulder has had an unparalleled record of success in the life science industry. A native of Gideon, Mo., he grew up on a cotton farm and continues to own and operate the family farm there. After graduating from Southeast with a bachelor of science degree, he went on to earn both a master of science and a doctoral degree in plant physiology and agronomy from the University of Missouri.

"The most rewarding thing about what I do is being involved in a technology that creates products which really make a difference in our society -- from new drugs and medical devices to improvements in our food chain," Caulder said.

The commencement speaker, Caulder, is currently a founding partner, chairman and chief executive officer of Finistere, LLC. He has been the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of several biotechnology companies in agriculture, human health, medical devices and consumer products: Mycogen Inc.; Mycogen Seed Co.; Myelos Neurosciences; Athenix, Inc.; Chlorogen, Inc.; Entomos, Inc.; S&M NuTech.; Never Compromise, Inc.; and Advanced Stent Technologies, Inc.; and others.

Caulder is former three-times chairman of the Industrial Biotechnology Association, a predecessor to the Biotechnology Industry Association (BIO) and has served on BIO's board of directors and chaired its Food and Agriculture Section. BioCom awarded him the James McGraw Award, their highest honor. He has served on and chaired several committees of the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, given expert testimony before both houses of Congress and advised foreign governments on agriculture and biotechnology. He has been an advisor and speaker to numerous organizations, including the Brookings Institute, The Keystone Group and the World Economic Forum. In addition, Caulder has been profiled in various magazines and newspapers such as Forbes and USA Today. He is frequently quoted in the national media as an expert in the life sciences.

Caulder has received the William Henry Hatch Memorial Award, from the National Association of Land Grant Universities and Colleges. He has been honored as Man of the Year in Service to Agriculture by Progressive Farmer magazine and he has served as the D.W. Brooks lecturer at the University of Georgia. He was elected to the National FFA's Hall of Achievement. Caulder has been honored with the Citation of Merit Award and the Faculty Merit Award from Southeast Missouri State University. The University of Missouri awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Science degree and their Alumnus of the Year award. The National Forum of Agriculture awarded Caulder the prestigious Agricultural Vision Award.

Caulder is a member of the Advisory Council on Small Business and Agriculture of the Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco, Calif., a member of California and Missouri Governors' Councils on Science and Technology and a former trustee of the Reuben H. Fleet Space Center in San Diego, Calif. He served as one of the founding directors of the World Agriculture Forum in St. Louis, Mo. In addition to this impressive list of accomplishments, Caulder is also the holder of several U.S. and foreign patents.

Inquisitive Gideon students investigate cold murder case

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eighth graders in Denise Yount's classroom at Gideon recently met with and interviewed Wanda Ross of Allenville, Mo., the niece of Bonnie Huffman, a 20-year-old school teacher who was murdered in 1954. The case remains unsolved and the eighth grade students have taken on the case as a investigative classroom project.

A group of inquisitive eighth grade students in Denise Yount's classroom at Gideon have been working on a classroom project investigating the 1954 Missouri cold case murder of school teacher Bonnie Loretta Huffman, talking to family members of the victim and making some of their own interesting and controversial discoveries along the way.

On July 5, 1954, 59 hours after her automobile was found abandoned in the middle of the highway not far from her home, a farm on the outskirts of Delta, Mo., where she lived with her parents Mr. And Mrs. Millard Thiele, police located the badly decomposed body of 20-year-old Huffman in a ditch on Route N, about one half mile northwest of Delta.

According to the newspaper reports detailing the nearly 53-year-old murder mystery, an autopsy performed on Huffman's body concluded that the nearly six foot tall brown haired, brown eyed Huffman sustained a fractured neck at the third cervical and that her left jaw was broken.

The autopsy also revealed that her knees were skinned and badly bruised and although the evidence could not prove that she had been criminally assaulted physically, the pathologist entered into his report that it was a probability.

The clothing and accessories that she had been wearing were reported as being missing from the location in which her body was found and were also not located in her car. The Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated the case, spending much of its efforts polygraphing suspects with inconclusive results. No one was ever charged in the murder.

The murder of the valedictorian of her graduating class in 1950, Bonnie Huffman would remain one of the, if not the single oldest cold case murder cases in Missouri's history.

According to Yount's students, the investigation into the murder they launched as a class project turned out to be one of the most interesting assignments they have taken on.

"This was a really neat project," said Brittany Campbell, a student who participated. "We really got excited about it because we actually got to talk to someone who was connected to the victim and knew a lot about the case."

The person Campbell was referring to is Huffman's niece, Wanda Ross of Allenville, Mo.. Ross was only 6 years old when her aunt was murdered.

The fact that people remember and new kids learn about the mystery encourages Ross, providing her with hope that her family that someone out there who knows what happened may yet come forward.

Ross visited with the students at Gideon and with KFVS channel 12 Heartland News to discuss the case and talk about what is still being done to find out more and determine who is responsible.

"We talked about a lot of details into the case and different theories that we and others have came up with. There is a lot of things about the case that just doesn't add up," said eighth grader Slayton Moody.

Moody and his classmates said that they also talked with Ross about a reward fund that has been created to help continue investigation efforts and solve the Bonnie Huffman Case.

According to the eighth-grade investigators, Ross said a bank account was established to build a reward fund for information leading to either an arrest of her killers or closure of the case.

"She hopes the publicity of the fund will jog someone's memory or tug at their conscience to do the right thing and call police," their teacher Denise Yount said.

Moody and others said that the project surrounding the murder mystery was so interesting mostly because it happened in Missouri and that Huffman was a teacher.

"The real-life aspect of it all made it so much more interesting than something we could just read in a book," another student, Dylan Cornett, added.

The students in Yount's class dug deep into the past uncovering newspaper articles, letters sent in from anonymous authors who claimed to witness the murder, and Internet articles following the case, providing a written look inside the murder and into the life of Huffman.

"Everything we have ran across in researching this case has only made us want to know more," eighth grader Tamara Shafer said of the experience. "From the beginning, when Mrs. Yount first told us about this story, we were all ready to get in their and investigate it for ourselves."

The students are even taking their efforts a step further by writing to humanitarians any anyone that they think could help. Students were in the talks to write letters to famously charitable people such as Oprah and Bill Gates.

"We just want to see if people who are in a position to help would be interested in helping with this case," Moody said. "I am thinking about writing Bill Gates a letter."

Gideon Principal Keenan Buchanan said that he supported his students' investigative research efforts and that he was happy to see all of the students so involved with the project.

"This is something that has certainly caught their attention and interests," Buchanan said. "I am glad to see them all learning through this project. Mrs. Yount and Mrs. Rudeseal have done an excellent job with these kids and keeping them involved."

Yount and fellow faculty member Sande Rudeseal have helped the students at Gideon gather a multitude of resources to be utilized in their investigation. Many of the students used the resources to also help them write a final thesis on the real-life murder mystery and tell what they thought about the case including their theories into the who, what, where, when and why's surrounding the case.

Family members and friends marked the 50th anniversary of the killing with a candlelight vigil and memorial service at the cemetery where Huffman is buried in 2004.

Today, they and others like the students at Gideon, still remember Huffman and continue to hope for more answers.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Bonnie Huffman Reward Fund can do so by mailing a check to the Bank of Advance at P.O. Box 400, Advance, Mo., 63730. Checks should made out to the Bonnie Huffman Reward Fund.


Sunday, April 15, 2007 8:32 PM

I just got off the phone with Brenda (Erwin) Winton. I had heard that her husband, Jack, was ill---he has cancer and is having a rough time and Brenda is feeling the stress too. Brenda was in the class of 59. Her older sister --Wathena Jackson was in the class of '52 I think.


Jack is going through a series of radiation and chemo and he is in St. Bernard's Hospital in Jonesboro Ark. The radiation is directed toward his esophagus so he is having trouble swallowing and getting food down.


They have 2 daughters. One lives in Kennett and one in Poplar Bluff so she is pretty much the care giver.

Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.  Pris

Update on Claude Hicks -3-26-07


Pris, just thought you might like to know, I talked with Claude last night

and he is feeling great and feels he has now recovered.  Larry Sharp

Update on Dub Lemings - 3/29/07


Dub got to go home today. One week after surgery! He had homemade Tuna fish sandwich, Pepsi, then went to his recliner and was asleep and snoring. Don't you know how good that felt. Mona and Yolanda were putting together some wicker furniture on the deck as she knows he will not stay inside. Yolanda is off work right now to help with whatever she can help with. Such good news. And thanks so much for your prayers as we know they helped him, and the family, to get this far. Dub should have no more heart issues. Also his lungs have been cleaned out and he has stopped smoking. Mona has cut down. Only smokes outside now so the house can be smoke free. She is trying to quit. Thanks again for your keeping Dub and family on your prayer list. SB



Mona just called.  Dub is having breathing issues and has been taken

back to ICU and put on a ventilator.  She will call me  back as soon as

she gets to the hospital and finds out what is what.  SB


Special Prayer Request - 3/14/07


Dub Lemings is the husband of Mona Payne class '58. Dub is from Clarkton


"Dub is going to have 4 way bypass tomorrow.

Pray for all of us

Thank you and blessings

Update on Chelma "Dockins" Jordan

Update on Chelma "Dockins" Jordan 3/27/07


Sorry it has been awhile since I sent word of Mom. She is doing much

better this week.


Mom has been released back to the nursing home ! Susan says she is not

well and somewhat lethargic. She assures me the nursing home can

accommodate Mom with her feeding tube.


Thanks to all for the prayers and good thoughts for Mom. I know they

helped her get thru this and it proves that God listens to our prayers.


Email to Pris 3/15/07

Sorry it has been awhile since I sent word of Mom. She is doing much better this week.


Susan says Mom seems much better tonight than she did last night. She has a slight problem with

bed sores that will have to be cleared up before she goes back to the nursing home.


She seems to be tolerating the feedings but her body isn't processing the food as well

as the doctors expect. If all goes well she could be going back to the nursing home next week !


From Susan: If you are not tired of praying for her at this point, I wouldask that you still continue to pray for her.

She seemed very comfortableand content tonight and still had her beautiful smile when we were

chatting. She is a fighter, that's for sure. Several nurses stopped in to check on her this week even though they are not assigned to her. Momrecognizes most of them now and even talked right away to the new nurse

tonight. Apparently, Mom is the longest running success case this  hospitalhas seen in a long while. (Success -- meaning going through so much and

still fighting; and not losing her.)


I hope the nurses that visit Mom realize the power of prayer !



(Photo)Ghost Stories

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Ghost Rider, the comic book character now immortalized in the top grossing movie in America, can trace its roots to two men from Southeast Missouri. But who created the motorcycle-riding, flame-haloed avenger is now at the center of lawsuit between one of them and Marvel Comics. (Read the entire story from the Southeast Mssourian)




KBOA says..."Turn Your Radio On"


Interesting site sent in by Norma Orton - KBOA - The Early Years.  You'll find our friend Narvell Felts and his band as we remember them 50 years ago.  An assortment of actual radio commercials' from the 50's ,  programs such as  "The Old Camp Meeting" - and lots of pictures.   The website is created by John Mays' son Scott.   John was a well known announcer at KBOA for many years.  Take a peak, it takes you back. KBOA: The Early Years


2/1/07 Friends of Chelma "Dockins" Jordan '51

Pris & family & friends,

Please pass the word for Mom's friends and family to remember her in prayer. 

She has been in the hospital in St. Cloud, FL for over 10 days.

She took a turn for the worse yesterday and early this morning. The Doctor's prognosis is not good. She is back in ICU where they are concerned about her elevated heart beat and breathing difficulty and is now

on 100% oxygen.  She does have an infection in the area of last weeks surgery that has been treated with antibiotics.
Some pneumonia has showed up on a chest x-ray, probably from her inactivity and breathing difficulty.
She has been unable to keep food down (may have aspirated some) and is back on an NG tube.
Further surgery still is an option.

Susan has requested that I come to Florida soon as she fears the worse and her and Paula are faced with the decision of further resuscitation efforts.  My email address is below. I would like to hear from some of Mom's friends if they would be so kind to send me an email note about her.   Mom's postal mail address is below also if anyone would like to send her a card.

mail to: 

Chelma Jordan
c/o Susan Scowden
3898 Creekbed Circle
St Cloud FL 34769

3/9/07 - Good Report on Claude Hicks

Claude is home.  Seen him last Saturday, and he is doing good.

John Dell

2/4/07 - Update on Claude and Jack

Good Evening: We have some great news regarding Claude Hicks. Visited with him this afternoon in Cape and he is doing really good, and looks great.  He is walking on his own and no slurred speech. He will be having therapy for at least a week and a half. He and his wife appreciate all your Prayers. Went by ICU to check on Jack Campbell, and there were a lot of people in the waiting room visiting the family, and hate to say it, but there is still no change. It has been a week today for Jack. Everyone have a good evening and a great Sunday. Will keep you informed regarding Claude and Jack.
 Frankie & Johnny Dell

2/1/07 Update Health Report on Claude and Jack

Hello: Just a short note to let you know that we called the hospital this afternoon to check on Claude and spoke with his wife, and she said he was able to stand up today and also walked some (using a walker)   and his speech is back. Mrs. Hicks let me talk with him, and of course they want to thank everyone for their Prayers and appreciate everyone thinking about him. He was getting ready to go for an MRI.  Mrs. Hicks advised he would be staying in the hospital a while for rehab. As far as Jack Campbell, he is still the same. We need to keep both these men and their families in our Prayers.
 Frankie (Lowery) and John Dell


Report on Claude Hicks

Good Morning: We just got a call that Claude  Hicks (class of '54) has had a stroke and he is in Southeast Hospital in Cape. Please keep Claude and his family in your Prayers. Maybe one of these days we will have some good news to send to you.
Frankie (Lowery) and John Dell

Special Thanks to Pris for keeping everyone in touch by email.


Senior Picture 1954





11-29-06 Update on Monty - Jerry B writes:

Mont called me from the Marion VA Hospital yesterday. 

He didn't know for sure but he will probably get his gall bladder remove today or tomorrow. 

He thought they would send him to St. Louis for the operation but they had changed their minds.

Georgia and I will be gone for a few days.  We are going to Pennsylvania to see Georgia's sister who has cancer. 

Keep everyone in your prayers.  Jerry

Monty A. wants his classmates to know he hasn't answered their emails because

 he has been in the hospital

with a colon infection - home now but scheduled to have gallbladder surgery soon. 

Please remember Monty in your prayers.    Monty attended our class reunion and breakfast over Labor Day weekend

this year and had us laughing as he showed some "leg" in our class group photos.  We all wish him a fast recovery and in good health for our class reunion next year.  To send Monty a card:  Monty Adams, 1711 Blue Grass Ct., Owensboro, KY 42301



Update:  See Gail's Obituary:  Gail Johnson






Gail "Randy" Johnson and family need our prayers during this crucial time as

Gail battles end stages of cancer cancer.

If you would like to remember Gail with a card send it to:


Gail Johnson

100 Christin Lane

Galena, MO 65656
Over the past year Gail's taken the opportunity to renew his friendship with classmates-this has been a real enjoyment for him.

Classmate's Son Returns From Afghanistan.

May 2007

Email from Jerry and Georgia: 

"Our son David is back in the United States and has returned to Whiteman Air Force Base near Kansas City.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayer while he was in Afghanistan.
Jerry and Georgia Beasley"


Classmate's Son Deployed To Afghanistan

November 2006

David Beasley is the son of Jerry and Georgia Beasley, he has a 20 year career in the United States Air Force. He holds the rank of Master Sergeant and has served our country very honorable. He served in Desert Storm in 1990, Bosnia, and another tour to Iraq last year (2005). He will be deployed in November to Afghanistan for 6 months. We hope everyone will hold David in their payers and heart as if he were their son, until his safe return.



Update on Willard C - Please keep him and Linda in your prayers

10/17/06-Linda C. writes:

We received some good news late this afternoon.  The mass in Willard's lungs is not a tumor.  That's about all we know at this point. His doctor wants to run more test to see what the mass is.  I think a new CAT scan will be taken to see if the mass has changed.  Will write more after he sees his doctor.  Thanks for all your prayers.  Linda  


October 2006

Chelma (Dockins) Jordan Class of 1951


Thanks for all your prayers and for forwarding my email. Mom seems to be feeling better and was up in the recliner chair out in the hallway watching the hustle and bustle of nursing activities. She was able to drink liquids and eat Jell-O and was appreciative of it all. No diagnosis yet as to the original problem.

My sisters, Susan and Paula, are with her in Florida. Susan's email address is sscowden@cfl.rr.com .

I am sure Mom would appreciate any messages from friends and relatives. I can't guarantee that she will remember anyone though.

Thanks, Pris.


9/22/06  - Johnny Grimes has emergency heart surgery.

Message from sister Catherine.

UPDATE 9/24/06

Johnny is doing well. Shirley, and his daughter Kim has been in and also my sister Mary, and he has responded to them.  He squeezed their hands and smiled, and we are very happy about that. The Doctor's are real pleased with his progress.  They have removed the respirator, and he did really well. That is all we know for now.

Johnny went in this morning for a test to see how much blockage he had, and when they got in there it was so bad they did emergency surgery. He was in surgery about 5 hours. I'm still not sure if he had 3 or 4 bypasses. I will be talking to Shirley shortly, she had just went down to see him for the last visit for tonight. He is in cardiac ICU for now, and you know they won't let you stay very long in there.

If we had have known it was going to be this bad we would have been there, but we just didn't know. Please be in prayer for him and

Shirley, and the family. I will keep you updated as much as possible.

July 2006

We just got news that Ray Johnson's son Johnny was killed in an accident in Florida. Any updates received will be posted here.