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Alma Mata Anthem

Words and Music

 Annie Lisle

Annie Lisle is the name of an 1857 ballad by Boston, Massachusetts songwriter

H. S. Thompson and published by Oliver Ditson & Co. It is about the death of a young

maiden, by what some have speculated to be tuberculosis, although the lyric does not

explicitly mention TB (or consumption, as it was known by at the time).


The song might have slipped into obscurity had the tune not been adopted by countless

colleges, universities, and high schools worldwide as their respective alma mater songs.


The first college to have used the tune in a spirit song seems to have been

Cornell University. In 1870, students Archibald Weeks and Wilmot Smith wrote

"Far Above Cayuga's Waters" and used an adaptation of Thompson's melody.

Many other colleges, almost certainly influenced by Cornell's version,

have used since created their own renditions.


Words To GHS Anthem

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In the South of old Missouri

"Neath the sun's warm glow,

"Tis the home of Gideon High School

Finest Place we know.

May we cherish thy tradition,

Hold thy banner high

Ever guard thy Name in glory,

Live and do or die.

Gideon Seniors 1959
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