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Old Photos I

Bob Herring and Dale Taylor - Snack Bar

Bob Herring and Dale Taylor - Snack Bar

Bill Spells-Mickey Dickey-Wayne Law

Snack Bar

Bill Spells-Mickey Dickey-Wayne Law

Snack Bar

Group from class of 1959

Nancy W. and Sandy L. on beach in Florida

Pauline Turner and Bill Lindley

Sandy L. and Norma O.?

Sandy L. and Norma O.?

Senior Trip 1959

Sophmore Play-Class of 1957

Kenneth M.-Larry W.-Billy W.

Billy Walker and Kenneth Meadors

Alan Hutchinson and Brent Sale - Alan's 3rd birthday

Beatrice Trout-Loretta Miller


First Child's Club - Alan's 3rd birthday party

Flo with Brent-Janis with Kim-Bonnie with Michelle-Alan by Brent.

Lorette Miller and mother

Mr. and Mrs. Kerr at the Snack Bar

Patsy Baker

Pris Pool

Pris - Remember that old tree stump?


Sandy and Red Sparrowks

Sandy and Walty W.

Sandy reading a book ...in the ice and snow

Sandy-Larry H.




Sandy holding up a barn. Notice the icecycles.

Ken Meadors-Larry Walker

Joanna Campbell-Patsy Baker-Peggy Hardcastle

Buddy W.-Carroll B.-Jackie C.-Larry L.-Joe M.-Art C.

Prom 1958 or 59

Senior Trip Florida Beach 1959

Patsy Baker - Tommy Powers

Patsy Baker 1959

Peggy - - Sharon

Peggy-sharon-Patsy-Jan Prom 1958 or 59

Tommy Powers taking a snooze on the bus-Senior Trip 1959

Kenneth Meadors-Raymond Meadors-Don Meiers-Billy Walker-Larry Walker

Kenneth Meadors-Larry Walker-Bill Walker

Bill Walker - Kenneth Meadors

Barn Warming - early 50's

Junior High Cheerleaders - mid 50's

Darlene "Punk" Rhodes and Catherine Grimes - 1950's

Prom 1958 or 59

School Nurse Jeanne Littell with student Ona Shelton (Bentley). Picture taken early 1960's.

Chelma "Dockins" Jordan

Chelma, Keith, Paula (R),Susan (L) and sons of Sue "Dockins" Rowe.

Senior Trip 1959

Graduation 1959 - Doris Shafer and Alice Deprow

Graduation 1959

Senior Trip 1959

Doris Shafer-Alice DeProw

Malden School of Costomology - 1961

Doris Shafer-Pris Pool-Bonnie Bradshaw

1959 Prom

Brenda Nail-Larry Little-Alice DeProw-Jack Crawford-Art Cole-Buddy Walton

Doris Shafer and Pat Deprow

Robert Hawlett - Senior Trip 1959

Art Cole

Hard at work

Brenda Nail-Doris Shafer





Cowboy and Cowgirls

Probably dressed for Maypole

Doris S looking for the whole picture

If you have the whole picture please let us know.

1957 G Club

Barbara Baker

Barb and Ginny - Back porch of Baker's house

Earnestine Pool and Barb Baker

Snack Bar

Snack Bar

Connie, Anna Mae, Barb

Anna Mae, Larry, Barb, ? ,Ray

Anna Mae

Snack Bar

Doyne Baker

Doyne Baker

Doyne and Barb


Anna, Ray, Barb, Larry, Connie

Snow Days Mid 50's

Sandy LeSieur, Priscilla Pool,Nancy Walker and Bonnie Bradshaw

Good Ole Snow Days 1957-58

Bonnie, Nancy and Roberta

Movie Theatre in back

Bonnie Bradshaw and Priscilla Pool

Lookin' Pretty in the 50's

Brenda Erwin and Patty Street


Benny Till, Benny Bradshaw, Bonnie Bradshaw and Bryan Jones.

Gideon's Girls Basketball Team - Early 50's

Connie Pool, Brenda Erwin and Priscilla Pool

Kool Outfit - 1958-59

Glen James

Let It Snow - Mid to Late 50's

Nancy Walker

Winter Wonderland - Late 50's

Priscilla Pool and Sandy LeSieur

Star Gazing - Late 50's

Sandy LeSieur and Doyne Baker

Ice Storm - No School - Mid to Late 50's

Nancy Walker, Doyne Baker and Sandy LeSieur

Dressed for the Prom Probably 1958-59

Signa Hedge and Date

Summertime - Early 50's

Virginia Lamar, Martha Lamar, Bonnie Bradshaw and Barry Lamar

Wearing a net formal

Virginia Lamar

Ray and Ray

Connie and Alex

Anna Mae - Connie at Snack Bar

Bill Grimes

Connie Gaines - Dennis Crowell

Darlene "Punk" Rhodes

Dean Bray

Snack Bar

Pattillo's and Whitledge's

Genevie LeSeiur

1957 - Baptist Girl's Aux - GA's

Joanne Taylor

Helen Lipsmyer - Taylor

Johnny Grimes

Johnny Reynolds

The Laws

Linda Sharp

Lou French - Johnny Reynolds - Jim Dickey

Melvin Shoemaker - Class Play

Sandy - Bonnie - Nancy


Robert Campbell

Snack Bar - Taylor

Snack Bar

Violet Welch - Betty Bell

Kite Contest

Gideon Pool Hall

Home Coming Court 1953

John Jackson - Jackson's Cafe

Lois Blanchard

Carl and Lois Blanchard

Tom Bradshaw

Tom Bradshaw - Kawanis Club - Womanless Style Show

Bill Grimes

Arthur Land, Sandy LeSieur, Pris Pool, Larry Ward, Albert Bentley, Brenda Walker

Dickey Smith

Boy Scout Kite Contest at airport

Polly and Bernice Handley


Sandy LeSieur

Anna Mae Howard, Patty Allen and Martha Moore

Bonnie - Funeral Home

Norvel Felts at Townley House or Pop Warners 1950's

Judy Hilfiker and Bonnie Bradshaw

Piggott AR

Larry W, Shirley, Pris, Larry B

Johnny, Don, Shirley, Mabe

Bill Ramsey, Janis Howard

Alice, Flo and Carolyn

Norma Orton, Sharon Alexander, Patsy Baker, Peggy Hardcastle

Boy Scout Kite Contest at Gideon airport

Billy, Benny, Bonnie

Bonnie, Billie Lamar, Martha, Ginny, Barry

In front of Lamar house.

Bonnie and Ginny

Mr. and Mrs. Horine - Teachers 50's

Jackie Dell - 2nd grade

Connie W.and Boyt J.

Ken Meadors - Larry Walker






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