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11th Grade







Alberta Davenport

"Who Knows"

Alice DeProw


Arthur Cole

"Cole Slaw"

Barbara Brown

St. Louis Blues"

Bonnie Bradshaw

"Bird Brain Bumshaw"

Brenda Erwin

"Quiet Kat"

Betty Pattillo


Bill "Junior" Lindley

"Levis and Ducks Tail"

Billy Walker

"The Brain"

Brenda Nail

"Brown Hair Blue Eyes"

Buddy Randolph

"Sing Buddy Sing"

Buddy Walton - Secretary


Carolyn Thaxton

"Mitchell's Maid"

Charles Murphy


Carroll Bradley

"Typing Whiz"

Charles Johnson

"He Man"

Dake Kennedy

"Quiet Type"

Dennis Crowell

"Curley Top"

Doil Harris

"Ladies Man"

Donald Blackwood

"Jauch's Pet"

Doris Shafer

"Pray Tell"

Doyne Baker

"Real Kool Kat"

Earnestine Drennon

"Bill's One and Only"

Faye Wright

"Serioulsy Tho"

Flora Hasty

"Joe's Flo"

Glenn James - President

"Fancy Pants"

Harold Butler

"Don't Crowd Ladies"

Jackie Crawford

"Who did it"

Jean Stephens


Jerry Smith - Vice President

"Typical Junior"

Jimmy Rackley


Joe Moore


William Browder

"Loud Mouth"

Jan Daniels

"Giggle Giggle"

Janice Bell

"Lost without Dolly"

Jerry Beasley


Joanna Campbell


Lee Tolbert


Linda Ramage

"Cecil's Little Angel"

Mitchell Marlow

Carolyn's Choice"

Nadine Brown

"How was I to know"

Norma Orton

"So Serious"

Patty Street

"Somebody Loves Me I Wonder"

Phyllis Russell

"Earls One and Only"

Patricia DeProw

"Protruding Rib"

Patsy Baker

"P Sue"

Patsy Henson

"How Come"

Peggy Hardcastle

"Long Tall Sally"

Robert Hawlett

"My Aching Neck"

Rose Mary Barber

"Red Hair and Freckles"

Sharon Alexander

"A Case of Barberitis"

Tom Willis

"Tom Tom The Piper's Son"

Tommy Powers

"Big and Strong"

Wanda Dye

"I'd Dye Laughing"




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