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50th Reunion Year

Class of 1959-2009


"... frozen in an old sepia photograph, faded, emulsion cracking, corners bent

or missing, but the moment in time and place caught like a remembered dream:

languid youth, sunshine over all, a breeze that would kiss forever and a day that

would never die."                                                   Lawrence Sanders, Author




Welcome To Our

"Dirt Roads" of the 50's


Join us for a walk down memory lane on our "Dirt Roads" as we plan for our 50th High School Class Reunion, class of 1959, Gideon, Missouri.  Enjoy our Photo Albums -it's alright to laugh at our hair styles because we laugh too -and the men still had hair. 


Visit our Memorial page in remembrance of the classmates we have lost through the years; we miss them. 


Drop by and say a Prayer for ones with health problems or just problems. 


Check out the History of Gideon, a logging town in the Boothill Swamps that sunk three feet in the 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquake.  The town sits on the fault and we claim "It's Our Fault." 


If you're ready for a stroll just click on our dirt road and follow it into the 50's. 




A Preview of What's Inside - Click on Picture











Contact Information:

We are still trying to locate some class members, they are listed on the CLASSMATES page.  If you can give us any information please send us an email.  We would like for all the members to update their profiles and send us a current picture of you and your family-share with us a little about your life after graduation. 


The address, email, phone numbers of classmates will be password protected for security reasons.  You can receive your password by email, snail mail or phone call.  The DISCUSSION page will also be password protected since we will use this area for planning the reunion and sharing information pertaining to our class and school.  Get involve, we need you.


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"The Way We Were"

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